Kind words from friends & beautiful strangers, around the world.


I received my two necklaces LOVE & PEACE several days ago and I love them. Thank you very much. Have a wonderful Christmas.
– AP, Jacksonville, FL

Thought I would share with you Rena what I intend to use your IMAGINE charm I received for Christmas. Each time I drive my car, I state: “thank you car for getting me there safely, timely, damage-free, ticket-free, comfortably and back again in the same way”. So, I wanted a charm to put in my car to infuse with this intention. That way, I don’t have to say it. I’ll just touch the IMAGINE pendant and that is all that’s necessary.
– SM, Santa Fe, NM

My necklace is still the most favorite necklace I have. It was given to me by my best friend who chose the path SPIRIT and it means the world to me. It lifts me up when I need a lift, it encourages me when I need encouragement, it reminds me what is important in my life when I need to be reminded.
– DG, Calgary, AB

The Toltecs believe it is not love that comes to you that is transformative, but the love that comes from you that transforms… With this in mind, I can say that your products are like a talisman of positive energy. When I wear my IMAGINE pendant, I feel the generosity of spirit surround me. Not only is it elegant in it’s simplicity, it seems to empower me with the courage to move forward and to work with clarity of mind.
– YG, New York, NY

I consider my PEACE necklace L U C K Y, INSPIRING, very special & GROUNDING. People are drawn to its positive energy.
– MS, Vancouver, BC

“I picked LOVE”. It’s been part of my collection for years and a piece that I always go back to wearing time and again. A rare gem that isn’t diminished by time or made less precious by the coming and going of fashion’s “it” thing. The best part is the good feeling you have knowing everyone you come into contact with reads it and is affected for the good! You have to LOVE that. And I do! Thank you Rena!
– YM, Vancouver, BC

I love it ~ it is superb, my beautiful JOURNEY necklace. My tag path message helps me to stay focused on the Journey, not the destination.
– PB, Sedona, AZ

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