Mission: To have a positive impact on peoples lives through my product offerings. One small pebble dropped in the water ripples out…

My philosophy? Life is precious.

When people ask me,“What do you do, for a living?”

I tell them: “I’m a designer.”

When they ask me, “What do you design?”

I tell them: “Things that make people happy.”

It’s true. Whether I’m designing a inspiring water bottle label for my Etsy shop, or an brushed bronze necklace  (more on that later) my intention is simple

I want to make you smile.
I want to help you to breathe.
I want to add more beauty to the world.

My life has not been a particularly easy one. I have experienced unspeakable grief, including the loss of my mother in a tragic fire, which inspired me to create my first line of healing, energy-shifting jewelry, about ten years ago.

Making art has always helped me to find peace & happiness, in spite of life-shattering loss.

Creating simple, purposeful objects helps me to feel empowered, in a world that can make us feel so lost, and so powerless.

I hope my work helps you to smile & breathe, too.

Because no matter what you’re going through, we all need little reminders to pause, take a moment of gratitude, and marvel at everything’s that going right.

I’d love to sit down with a cup of strong coffee & tell you everything about myself – about the women’s fashion line I used to sell in NYC, about dressing Johnny Depp as a costume designer for 21 Jump Street, about my favourite sunbathing spot on Waikiki Beach.

But once I dive in, we’ll be here all week 🙂

So for now, I’ll leave you with a little peek into my world:

What Peace looks like to me, Rena Campbell

photo: pkm “Mary”

This is what “peace” looks like to me.

I try to evoke the principles of “mindful thought & action” in all of my work.

Elie Campbell, Rena Campbell's mother

My Mother, Elsie Campbell

This is my mother, Elsie Campbell, who passed away in 2002. All of my designs are dedicated to her, and always will be.

This is me. Hello, again. And thank you for reading my story – for now.


Next, you can:

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: Check out a few tools, books & people that I think are just wonderful.
: Say hello. (I love meeting new friends & collaborators.)