I received an email from a friend about a great sale at Eddie Bauer. She went on to explain that all the down vests were on sale and a what a fantastic savings it was.  Her  last sentence noted that it was the Eddie Bauer location in Flagstaff Arizona, where she lives and remember to buy local.

Got me thinking about local products to British Columbia, Canada.

I wanted to offer up something local that was available to purchase without having to drive for three days.

No, I did not find any local down vests on sale.

Here are two Canadian Bands from the West that I thought were highly original and I enjoyed their two uniquely different styles and sound.

Said the Whale ~ The light is You – music video.

Music is a great Christmas gifting idea. Even if you are buying someone a Christmas themed album or venturing out into music that is new and different.

We are The City ~ I never want to sin again – music video.

Have a beautiful day,

Remember to breathe.

Photo: PKM

Joy to the World!



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