My reflections for this year are focused on the daily process of believing in a brighter future.

Even when the obstacles show up I am committed to remain in a hopeful optimistic space.  My personal journey through this year has been anchored in daily gratitude. There have been many a time where I had to remind myself of the glass half full versus the glass half empty attitude. 

I still have dreams of my company expanding with new designs.  The website changes should be complete in a  few months and although the changes are not big I am excited for the new framework I am developing for myself. The  new designs with a new direction,  feels natural. I am not rushing the process. 

The time spent on myself has well been worth it. The few minutes a day that are just for me allow me to stay connected to my inner happiness and reflect in a positive way  toward being a successful entrepreneur.  Working at being more consistent at this is what I look forward to in the New Year.  

Breathing/meditating for 5 to 15 minutes a day never disappoints me.

I am always curious to find  some nice Christmas music that is a qualifier for the Feel Good category  in my collection of music. I clicked on this first song  while I was multi tasking doing some dishes and found it quite melodic and relaxing to listen to.  I find while I am tidying up my mind is already racing in my head to the next task as I hurry through house chores.  Have to say this music added a enjoyable element to a necessary day to day event any time of the year.   I would visit this beautiful artful music any time I want to drift away in my head.

Jon Hopkins ~ Immunity.

NIce time of the year  to honor servicemen and servicewomen  with The United States Air Force band.

Merry Christmas ~ Peace on Earth!  

Carol of the Bells ~ Pentatonix

Have a beautiful day,

Remember to breathe.

Photo:  PKM




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