My purse dangle creation was included in a  gift bag  to Martha Stewart back in 2011.  I included two  dangles from my collection; one was for Martha and the other was for her daughter Alexis Stewart. I was really happy to be invited to send my purse dangle to Martha Stewart and just by a wild chance get some feedback.  

Maybe just maybe she would place an order. 

Not to keep you in suspense, no orders came. I am sure she received it but maybe she gifted it to someone who she thought would be worthy of it. It’s all good and I had a lot of fun dreaming – good dreams of sales.

The dangle I sent Martha was HEALTH and I put a polished quartz crystal nugget with it.  For her daughter  I sent along  a JOY dangle with a quartz crystal nugget and kyanite gemstone.  Once or twice I have daydreamed that the gift maybe even  made it to the streets of New York city  clipped onto Martha’s yoga bag or tote bag. 

I just came across this video with Martha Stewart  and Deepak Chopra talking about their new book releases.

Martha Stewarts new book, Living the Good life, focuses on your health as a 40 year old and older. She quoted some statistics that pretty soon there will be more people over the age of 65 then under in the U.S.A.

When I saw this video and realized that Martha’s focus was Health I smiled. When I was presented with the opportunity to introduce my product to Martha Stewart I was a little nervous of gifting the right path. 
I was going to send her a LOVE dangle but I always remember my Grandmother saying “If you have your Health you have everything.” 

So I chose HEALTH for Martha Stewart. 

 Alexis Stewart was a new Mother so I sent JOY her way.  

I really took my time and thought about it, what  positive energy to gift to Martha Stewart. It was chosen with heartfelt intention. 

To see Martha with a new book on Health made me very happy to see that my Grandma’s voice in the back of my head chose the right path as a gift for her.  


Deepak Chopra’s co-authored book  Rudolph E. Tanzi tackles the lifestyle choices that takes on preventing Alzheimers disease. 

To hear that lifestyle choices can affect preventing Alzheimer’s is really encouraging.

Have a beautiful day,

Remember to breathe.

Photo: PKM



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