It is nice to be reminded that there are people doing amazing things out there  and we are again reminded this year with Amazing People video 2013.

Creating New Direction is the phrase that comes to mind when I watch this video. Going out of your way to break a pattern and do something new. Instead of walking to the store in one direction, walk another block and create a new path. Or back your car into your parking stall instead of driving in straight. Move the milk to the second shelf on your fridge instead of the top shelf. Buy yourself some flowers.

Put some images of a sport you would like to try  on your vision board at the beginning of the year and see what happens. No time for a vision board – just put it on your fridge. One image of a sport or of you doing something grand.

These little out of the box feelings give your mind and your senses a kick start.

Another suggestion is set your alarm 8 minutes earlier than normal and spend your first 8 minutes of the morning – just breathing and contemplating your day.

Then grab your dirt bike and go ride up and over  a cliff.

Paddle out to the find the largest wave to surf. 

Hope on a plane and travel to the grand canyon with your parachute and go for a sail in the sky.

Skip a rope as fast as you can. 

Find some fresh powder and go skiing.

Go for a run up a hill.

Hit the water with your feet skiing.

Fly through the air with your skateboard.

Comtemplate a  life moment with just one hand holding on.

Now go outside and play…

Have a beautiful day,

Remember to breathe.

Photo: PKM



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