I believe looking behind you and connecting the dots to where you are today can help in shaping your future choices.

It has been two years since I  started breathing on a daily basis. Meditating is another word for breathing in my uncomplicated get happy world. It has been a bumpy ride because months would pass and I would forget to breathe for five minutes a day and then I would by the grace of goodness be reminded how refreshed  it makes me feel. 

Then I would start up again on my breathing/meditating.

I had another wonderful reminder this spring with the free meditation series offered by Oprah and Deepak Chopra. Miraculous relationships.  It was a free series of a 1/2 hr guided talk and  meditation sent to my email everyday for 21 days.. Oprah would introduce and discuss the set up for the focused meditation. Then Deepak Chopra would offer the centering thought and while listening to beautiful music meditate for fifteen minutes.

I laughed when I re-visited a posting from November  2011 of mine discussing Oprah and her talk with Kathy Freston on breathing. Back then I wrote about the new blog intent.com created by Mallika Chopra, Deepak Chopra’s daughter. Deepak endorsed the blog with videos and it was a few months of sheer delight for me to watch Deepak’s videos  and read the various articles by Mallika and the first round of visiting writers. Back then you could just comment on any articles with no signing in or anything.  I’m sure thats how people felt so free at Woodstock back in the 1960’s . It was a great few months in time with that blog.

Since then it has ballooned into this huge blog with a stable of writers and very hip in the art of positive thinking. 

It is a noteworthy blog. – www.intent.com

Going back though to 2011  Mallika Chopra  posted a article on meditating for children. I put in the comment box that I had just starting breathing and what “Oprah said” about breathing and what “Oprah said” about a mantra.
It was sincere and honest. To anyone having read it they must of thought of only one word.


Mallika was very kind in her reply to my “Oprah said this” and “Oprah said that” with regard to how to breathe comment.
She was encouraging and it was a great moment for me. I wanted to keep breathing/meditating.  

I must of sounded so naive, which I was. 

I think Mallika  Chopra is pretty cool to have started her blog. 

Mallika never mentioned the new product that would be launching in six months. Im sure if she could she would of said something to encourage me to look out for the collaboration between her Father and Oprah.

Seven months later Oprah and Deepak  offered the online world their shared interest of a 21 day breathing/meditating challenge CD, offered free to listen to.

If you liked the product you could then purchase it. 

My girlfriend had emailed me to sign up for the  launch in 2012 of the free listen for 21 days but for whatever reason I could not connect the dots in my life to do it.  I do remember thinking how wild that was that they must of been already talking about their new idea – I guess right about the same time I was commenting on  Mallika Chopra’s  blog intent.com. 

Now in contemplation Im thinking about how all that happened. Could it be that my questions of sincerity and curiosity bridged a dialogue of common interest and good between Oprah and Deepak? 

Did my need create a product?

Maybe all those manifesting books by Deepak Chopra I read did work more than I realized then? 

Oh please, get over yourself…. Im saying to myself. 

When I  finally got to take advantage of the free Oprah and Deepak “Miraculous Relationships” 21 day challenge this year I bought the music  compiled for the backdrop of the positive focused thoughts. I play the music while  I  enjoy my breathing/meditating. 

In a world of being hip and correct I guess I was able to get  quiet enough to find something that worked to enervate my mind in a passive peaceful manner. 

We all have to find our own way. 

Quiet moments where you can tune out the world while most importantly remaining here on planet earth  is something I look forward to everyday. 

Maybe as I mature I wont need music to listen to – maybe I will be able to just sit quiet and breathe. Maybe this music CD for contemplation is like training wheels for a kid who has not learned to ride a two wheeler yet. 

Whatever it is. 

I like it.

The moral of my story is don’t give up. Keep looking and keep asking. You will create your own path to a balanced mind by your curiosity. Simple daily routines to renew your mind. Maybe some of the routines come and go. Maybe some stay with you a long time.

As my Grandma would say; “If you have your health – you have everything.”

I say; A sound mind is a good place to start. 

Have a beautiful day.

Remember to breathe.

photo: PKM




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