My girlfriend emailed me with a link to a website with the most beautiful Hermes Scarf that was for sale. Everyone has their material weak spot and I admit it  Hermes scarves is mine. I really appreciate the beautiful artwork and the inspiration stories behind each scarf that the Hermes fashion house creates.   The red scarf  was there for me to appreciate, and of course I did not buy it. So tempting but I have other more pressing financial obligations. Nothing wrong in  a girl doing some window shopping.  There was quite a few other scarves for sale in blue and in softer tones of green and gold, but I thought the red hermes scarf was the best one.  

The Red scarf  reminded me of a woman I saw walking through a hotel lobby one day many years ago. The way she walked  told a story of a life of luxury and ease. She was very well groomed and was wearing her Hermes red scarf around her hair, softly tied. 

The only other woman I have seen really with that much grace in her step was Princess Diana. I was working as a medical clerk in the oncology ward at Children’s Hospital back in 1986 when Diana came for a tour through the ward. 
She and her husband Prince Charles were in town for Expo 1986.

These two women had a remarkable difference in their energy however. The woman in the red scarf had a relaxed elegance to her. Princess Diana as I remember it was dressed in a beautiful light blue suit with a hat on. As she gracefully walked by the ward desk where I was seated  I had the sense of a burden in her life. 

It didn’t add up to me in my mind. 

We all saw her private life within the royal family unravel in the following years so publicly.  It  was kind of unnerving to me that I had seen her and saw a kind of sadness, close up.

I know from my own experience that we all have many roles to play in our lives. Princess Diana was a daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife and the part I was seeing on that day was her royal duty as the future Queen of England. 

It started me thinking. 

What do you do when you have it all?  The Hermes scarves. The life of luxury and ease.  

What do you do if you have it all and you still wake up with a bad day here on planet earth. 

Where do you go?

Louie Giglio looks to the sky above us.

Have a beautiful day.

Remember to breathe.

Photo: PKM



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