Some people it seems just skate through life without showing much gratitude and do just fine. I have met these people along my path and so have you I will presume. 

However what they have gained by their acquired material items in relationship to wisdom is really the question to ask. 

I think this is a great  example of just keeping your eye on your own path and not comparing of where you appear to be. One of the best things I have discovered in my life to date (other than is that if you keep your thoughts on your inner happiness you spend less time looking at other people’s success and failures. 

By minding your own garden you are contributing to those around you.  You become your own little lighthouse. I hear a song coming…

“This little light of mine I’m going to let it shine”… let it shine,  let it shine,  let it shine… 

When a wonderful event happens in your life and you look back at the path that led you there, you can connect the dots. Did you celebrate the path all along the way with gratitude leading up to that big occasion? Even on the bad days when things were not so great – did you remember to show up with enthusiasm and joy? 

I guess my vision on this is that all the moments leading up to your happy memory can become part of the whole celebration with daily gratitude. Not only do you get to enjoy the destination you also get to enjoy the journey of you getting there.  Expectant thoughts of a happy future give the momentum, and these two emotions walk side by side throughout the day. 

I make a mindful note to myself when I am down that I do not want to waste  much time on the branch of sadness and doubt.  I will be mad at myself when the good rolls in that I spent my  time of focusing on something that interrupts my flow to goodness and kindness.

What about the people along the way that led up to that great moment in your life?

Have a beautiful day.

Remember to breathe.

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