Inspired action is a interesting topic. This is the feeling I take  away whenever I am exposed to any talks by Richard Branson. I get this deep feeling that I should be doing something far greater and wider for my fellow mankind. 

I feel inspired.

Then the pattern of my life sets in and I settle back into my gratitude for having a positive effect on other people’s lives on a  much smaller scale that I can realistically handle. We all have our own path to follow and contribute to the kindness and love bank on a daily basis. I guess I feel kind of small when I look at what he has accomplished. Then I remind myself of the following:

One penny or one million dollars used for goodness – it is still energy moving. 

However, putting myself out of my comfort box is what happens when I watch Richard Branson talk. I am so amazed at what one person has done with their life. I am so grateful he used his energy to be one of the good guys here on planet earth with his philanthropic venues. 

Being of service outside of yourself is where I believe you need to live in order to hang out with this mans crowd. He thinks so big and outside of the box it almost takes my breath away. 

Even if I can’t be Richard Branson it is really wonderful to know that it is actually possible to dream big.  He recognized early on that his actions would fulfill his dreams. 
Dreams want action. Not thoughts that swirl around in your head. 

I found this dated interview of of Richard Branson with Joe Polish, but I feel that the words of wisdom are still relevant. You walk away with a sense of what it takes to be a entrepreneur through the eyes of Richard Branson. The video is lengthy in time 40 minutes in all.  The gems are tucked away in a sentence here a statement there. 

Richard Branson shares his 5 top tips for success in business. 

Have a beautiful day.

Remember to breathe.

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