Every now and then we get to see ourselves with extreme clarity. Then in a sort of sad and blissful way we slip back into the daydream of our life. 

The clarity that you have in these moments can also fill you up with a vision for your future. In a sweet flash you see a picture of yourself doing something and you have this inner feeling that you should be taking a particular action.

You take the action with a blind leap of faith into your future. 

It is your intention meeting up with your inner vision that creates this  path towards your dreams. 

Carol Tuttle refers to this as your third eye or 6th chakra.

In my continuation of  Carol Tuttles seven part video advertising series – I am sharing with you her video on the 6th chakra. 

In my previous postings I have covered the first five chakras.

First chakra or root chakra – color expression is red.
Second chakra or sacral chakra – color expression is orange.
Third chakra or solar plexus chakra – color expression is yellow.
Fourth chakra or heart chakra – color expression is green.
Fifth chakra or throat chakra – color expression is blue.

Carol Tuttle, 6th chakra – Third eye Chakra.

My question to you and myself is this. If my third eye had a voice what would it sound like. What would the stories of my future be? Who would be in my future with me. Why would I be so happy to be there? 

What is my dream. 
What is my intention.
What is my action.

Invite your intuition to show you the way.

Brendon Burchard – Internet coach success story, who was inspired by Tony Robbins – a story of a girl named Sarah who found her voice.

Have a beautiful day.

Remember to breathe.

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