Open your heart up to the 4th chakra’s healing center of love.

This is the fourth in the series of Carol Tuttle’s videos where she explains the 7 chakra’s and how the awareness of these subtle energies can enhance your life.

In my previous postings, I have shared the first three.
1st. chakra – color is red. and the  gemstone stone is ruby or beautiful garnet
2nd. chakra – color is orange.
3rd. chakra – color is yellow with beautiful citrine.

The abundance of love is a natural place for us to thrive. If you have a hurt that is not healed it can get in the way of your successes in your life. Self acceptance is associated with this heart chakra.  By healing your vulnerable self you become available for new experiences in your life. 

Ideas will no longer  just float through your mind, they will become planted and take seed and start to grow. 

Truly the truth will set you free. 

Life gets easier.

The color for the fourth chakra is green.

The gemstone emerald can be worn for this chakra as an expression of the heart.

Carol Tuttle. 4th chakra, How to open your heart chakra.

Sometimes in life the challenges can be hard.  Maybe you cannot lift your emotions to shift the  energy.  If  you find yourself there,  give yourself a hug and remember that your awareness is a big part of the healing path. Never give up. Go for a walk. Breathe some air and just be grateful that you can breathe. Do something really small that you can be successful at.   Realize that just by  being alive  you are a miracle.

Breathe. Big beautiful breath.

Take care of you. 

Fall in love with you. 

Jack Johnson ~ “I Got You”

Have a beautiful day,

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