Peace is a soft but powerful word.

Carol Tuttle shares with us the energies associated with the 3rd chakra in this 7 part video series. 
The first chakra is associated with abundance and the color is red.
The second chakra is all about creativity, inner intimacy and the color orange.

Within the third chakra’s center the energy is focused around our personal power. 
The color for this chakra is yellow. 

This chakra poses the question; Your inner peace can make a difference to the world being a better place. 

Sounds so straight forward and easy.

Carol Tuttle. How to open your solar plexus chakra. Aka your 3rd chakra.

What does your voice sound like?  For that matter what does my voice sound like. These are the questions I take away from this video as a inspiration. The answer  is to come from a place of love regardless of daunting external factors. I have learned from my own life experience the only change I have control over is my attitude. It truly is the journey and not the destination. Check in with yourself and ask how you are feeling. If you are overwhelmed then acknowledge just that. It is tapping into the awareness of your emotions of where you are right now that gets you back up out of the water and into the boat again. 

Remember to breathe.

Jonathon Wilson – Gentle Spirit.

Have a beautiful day,

Photo: ‘Golden’ PKM



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