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What if I were to tell you my favorite animal was a bunny rabbit?  What if I were to tell you my Aunt Rena only a few years before she unexpectedly passed away told me what her favorite animal was.  

Not earth shattering news – except  I was always led to believe that my Aunt’s favorite animal was the family dog.

We were in her basement sorting through some personal effects of my Grandmother’s when this lightning bolt of a personal disclosure happened. 

In the midst of the quiet loading up of a box – my Aunt lay’s it on me. 

Out of the blue – she says it. 

“My favorite animal is a giraffe”. 

It was said with the passion of a dancing ballerina – offered up with such innocence that I was blindsided and totally at a loss for words.   

A part of my Aunt I had never met before… 

“Ah, o.k. sure Aunt Rena – that’s ah great.”  I kind of remember blowing past her heart’s declaration. 

There was a lot going on. We were looking at my Grandma’s plastic flowers and handmade table runners.  Silver cup trophies for the town’s best pie baking winner – my Granny. 

Old photographs worthy of an album showcasing my Grandma’s garden. 

She must have sensed this because she touched  my arm so tenderly and held on as she talked. 

“Don’t you think they are beautiful dear?”  my Aunt prodded.

“Giraffes?”  I blurted back at her.  

“Yes”, my Aunt was tilting her head slightly and I could see now –  reaching out and sharing something that was really special to her. Like she was giving me the secret combination to her heart. 

Some things never get resolved in life. Time passes.  We think we know who our loved ones are.    

What  left me with an ache after this conversation is that if my Aunt had told me she loved giraffes I would have bought her some giraffe pictures or figurines.  I have gone  through my memory bank  of her house and I don’t remember seeing any giraffes anywhere.  Maybe and only a slight maybe she had a giraffe carved out of wood in her reading room – but then again maybe not. Maybe I just imagined that so I could have a connection to knowing that my Aunt liked giraffes. 

It has been a few years now since my Aunt left for heaven. I think of her often – most times shaking my head with gratitude that before she was gone she got to tell me what her favorite animal really was.

I think giraffes are beautiful too – now.  I always smile when I see one. 

High Diving Giraffes – the punchline is in the rolling credits at the end.
A delightful animation short from Cube Creative –  France.


Have a beautiful day.

Photo: PKM




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