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The feeling that the month of May holds for me slides in every year starting around late February.  May is the month that my Mother passed away, eleven years ago now.  

Time creates many faces of gratitude when it comes to the loss of a loved one. 

For Christmas this last year my Dad  gifted to me a scanned photocopy of my Mom in her wedding day dress. The black and white photo was taken on the pew steps in the church where she and my Father were married back in 1950.

I looked at my Dad. 

Thinking hard…
What to say. 

“Don’t worry he said. Your brother and sister got one too…”

“I have the original photograph” he added. 

Finally I could get some words out.

“Wow what  a nice frame you chose – with the glass and all Dad. Thanks very much. I really like it.” 

He was very  pleased with my level of gratitude. 

Elsie lived a life filled with daily gratitude and tried her very hardest to show me this avenue of thinking as a way to happiness. It took a while for all her lessons to catch up to my pony express – run as fast as you can and don’t look back attitude. 

I thought this year I would spare my blog the gratitude I have for everything my Mother taught me. Mothers Day came and went a few weeks ago now, however, it just seems so right to take the time again and say “Thanks Mom”.  Thanks for teaching me to cast my eyes and my thoughts toward beautiful expressions of love. 

I hope that Mothers Day this month for all you Moms was a day to know and celebrate  your well of love.  Know that your love is creating a story of happiness for your child’s adult life.  Your child’s future of gratitude.

A place to go when its raining in your world or a sunny day, you can ask yourself one easy question.  

“What am I grateful for right now at this very moment in time?”

GRATITUDE: Louie Schwartzberg at TEDxSF


I Will Wait. Mumford & Sons: in Studio Q.

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