How can I be of service to you?  

I would like to take credit for this unique opening question, but it was really part of an introduction dialogue  I most recently had with a computer consultant.  I feel this  question   has a home with any company that is contributing to a planet that we can all thrive on. 

This winter,  while  vacationing in Waikiki, Hawaii, we stopped by the  Moana Surfrider beach bar for a tropical drink. Friendly atmosphere with travellers from all over the world – lively chatty place to enjoy some shade and  the beautiful view of Waikiki beach and ocean beyond.  

I thought I noticed someone  from the mainland sitting over at one of the garden tables and mentioned their name out loud. One of the happy holiday-goers sitting at  the bar overheard me as saying, “Is that Rick Warren over there?”  

I turned around and before I could catch myself said – “Rick who?” 

“Who is Rick Warren?”

A silence sifts into my relaxing  tiki bar experience.

You know that feeling when the crowd all takes one step away from you, like you are on the wrong planet basically – that  feeling.  

“The author of the book, The Purpose Driven Life” someone chimed in, served up in such a way that all I had to do was kind of tag along with the conversation and nod my head. 

However, I did put the connection together in my vacation head and realized I did know  who they were now all talking about. 

I wanted to add “It’s called a Holiday for a reason.” 

Rick Warren, yes of course I know who that is…..

In a world of newsletters and marketing ploys of buy this, do this and for sure don’t do that; in a world where everyone sells their message of how you can be rich and be happy just like them, at some point you realize that we all have to find our own way. Through all the noise of people selling their stories of success we must make time to celebrate our own lives.  Making space for us to flourish. Making time to remember to breathe. 

What is your purpose?

The book that Rick Warren founding pastor of the Saddleback Church in Southern California, wrote asks just that. His book The Purpose Driven life came out in 2003 and there is a new and revised version. 

Rick Warren’s website offers a daily devotional  – DAILY HOPE.

This is a talk that pastor Rick Warren gave at TED – 2006 – Monterey Calif. 

At the end of the
when all is said
all you have is
and a
smile of
for the 

Have a beautiful day,

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