Poetry takes us to a place where we can be brave and vulnerable all within one brief moment in time.  The poet’s picture is painted with the intensity of emotion that leaves the room and jumps in our car for the ride home with us. This lingering feeling  finds a way to our open heart then  travels with us for days months or even years. 

The poet’s paintbrush of words may show up in our quietest moments to revisit when we have no where else to turn but inward for inspiration.

So where does one go to find good poetry you might ponder?

The Poetry Foundation has more than enough to fill up your senses. When was the last time you read some good poetry and remembered the feeling to feel.

Kealoha is Poet Laureate of Hawaii.  His mission is to promote writing, reading and appreciation of poetry among the people of the Hawaiian Islands.
An MIT graduate who showed the world he did his homework, and then broke through to his real expression of being a poet and an artist. I find his voice has so many questions that are presented in a introspective way.  Then finding his way to express where  many emotions lie repressed.  This is the newest generation asking questions and making sense of our world through their artistic expression of poetry.

Underneath all those smarts is a passionate teacher of literacy. 

Underneath all those smarts is an artist  with social responsibility that takes you right to the edge of his raw dance that ends with compassion for ourselves..  

Ranked in the top ten of the nation’s best poets in 2007, he is the founder of First Thursday’s (largest registered slam poetry competition in the world) in Hawaii. 

Here are  videos of his poetry.



Zoom Out.

Writing lyrics for songs is a form of poetry as well.  Hapa sings Hawaiian music of the islands. It is beautiful and soothing. Story tellers through music.

Hapa – Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai

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