Re-Designing a person’s space and working with the placement of their personal collection of artwork is really a interesting practice that I enjoy.   When I combined my years of Feng Shui with Interior Re-Design my education included gaining  some information that is  really quite empowering.  

People buy in themes. 

You may want to awaken your senses right now by looking at your artwork on your walls.  You may not be aware  that you buy the same focus over and over again.   My favorite example of this is a woman who wanted a more harmonious feeling in her home.  In the process of  Re-Design we begin with the client and together we take all of their  art collection and put it in one room.  It can be quite startling to see what your theme is and overall focus.  This particular client had several paintings of Robert Bateman the wildlife artist.  We were able to see all of the fire energy (animals) that was being represented in the artwork and by combining the two worlds of Re-Design with  the art of placement (Feng Shui) maximize the harmony in her space.  My point is that we focus on our artwork and buy it from our internal emotional reservoir.  When you take the time to look at every piece of artwork you are freeing up  your mind to make a conscious space for the areas of your life that would benefit from a new focus.  This awareness will give you the self confidence to edit your surroundings with things that truly support you on a path of self kindness.  

I remember years ago when I first saw  Dr. Emoto’s water crystal photographs.
Dr. Emoto’s book,  The Hidden Messages in Water was released in 2005.  My collection of affirmation tags launched in 2003  and I was so excited that his scientific photo essays were showing that what you focus on and think of can change the shape of a water drop crystal.  I remember taping LOVE onto the bottom of my water bottle so I could embrace the softness of that vibration in my life.  It was kind of fun to do that.  I also took my own charms and put them on a little chain around the bottle but they were always falling off. Whenever I visit Dr. Emoto’s collection of crystal photographs I am deeply inspired.  It makes me want to focus on all and everything that is beautiful on this planet earth. 


I put together three videos of Dr. Emoto that I compiled from various Google resources. I never did acquire Dr. Emoto’s book,  because I know that through my own life discoveries the value of the words we choose to focus on. However by creating this post on the value of finding ourselves through what we focus on I will be adding at least one  of his books to my library.

This first video is a brief biography of Dr. Emoto and his photos. Enjoy! 

Lilou interviews Dr. Emoto’s USA representative, Lindsay Kemp in Honolulu during the World Congress of Quantum Physics – December 2012. 

Messages from Water.
This documentary shows how Dr. Emoto originally created his photographs and how they actually froze the water drops.   It is 40 minutes in length, has English subtitles in parts of the program and  has a lot of information in it to absorb. 


If you were to know me, you would understand that I have a habit of singing throughout the day.  It’s not long – I usually burst out with  “la la lah…”  likened to the sound of three piano keys, or I would like to think.  It  happens to me without notice  and before I know it my little song has been sung.  I pretty much keep a water bottle with me at all times  as well.  All these years I have been singing to my water and infusing it with the good vibrations of enthusiasm.  I have a few songs that stay with me and it makes me smile to think of them and hum a few bars. 

This is one of them….

Walking in Rhythm – The Blackbyrds, 1975.

Have a beautiful day,

Photo: PKM



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