We all understand the beautiful gift to ourselves of taking the  time to reflect on the memory of who we really are.   The effects of a holiday are long lasting and offer our body, mind and spirit a different place to breathe and relax.

Deepak Chopra, M.D. writes; Affluence, unboundedness, and abundance are our natural state.

Creating a place in our home and in our mind where we can relax for a few minutes is a restorative practice.  Meditating is ideal  but finding a place of privacy is not always available in our work place situations.  

Breathing can be an instant way to check in with yourself and enjoy the experience of living in the moment – wherever you are. 

Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.  While you are breathing in bring up an image in your mind of a happy moment; a memory that gives you the emotions of immense happiness and peace.  

On your exhale include a big heartful sigh sound of aahhh….. 

It does bring up the reality of even finding the space to breathe in once and sigh with sound can even be a bit of a challenge in an urban environment. 

This specific style of breath work creates  endorphins  in our bodies and minds so that we do not run ahead or back up from our emotions.  I learned this technique from Ellie Drake, founder of Braveheart Women.com.

Yes, it is really wonderful to have a tropical escape from  a long cold winter.  
However, working toward a destination and taking advantage of all the moments in between is  more aligned in keeping with your flow. 

A friend of mine and her husband enjoyed a vacation on  the big Island of Hawaii  last fall.  She mentioned while on the plane ride back to the mainland they talked with a couple who had gone camping on the big island of Hawaii.  

I have included this link.

They vacationed in  Kona at a resort and then drove over to Hilo and were absolutely enchanted with the Big Island’s (nick name for the island named Hawaii) energy.  

Here is a special moment from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii of a Bottlenose Dolphin rescue:

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