With a good movie or any story telling for that matter typically there is an A story and a B story to follow.  Sometimes when we are caught up in our day to day reactions we forget that we too are  creating these stories in our own lives.  As in the  movies at some point the two stories come together and may stay together or branch off again in other directions.  I guess the classic example is of a story of big business as the  A story and the B story is a world of romance and love. As  viewers,  we get to see how these two opposite worlds are really  interwoven with each other through the actors from the very start.  We just simply do  not see it at first and then piece by piece we  are invited to the reveal of the true beauty of the complete story. 

I see now that last  fall I  I had my own two stories that appeared to be totally unrelated and yet the events were rather intertwined.  

I started to do a repair on a necklace project I had begun a couple of years ago.  It was not so much a repair as I actually started a pearl necklace and did not finish it.  I thought it was time to stop staring at that bag I had tucked away not really wanting to do it because I didn’t think there was going to be anything spectacular about the necklace.  Initially the necklace was for me  to work on some technique. I had already starting stringing the pearls when  I discovered  some loose labradorite beads the same size as the black pearls and I thought that I would put them on the strand as well.  

At this same time last fall I also took part in an online chakra course  created by Carol Tuttle.   I have not had a lot of exposure to chakras other than a healing chakra meditation CD that I listened to back in  early 2000.  I used that CD to help me calm my system on my lengthy road back to recovery of my health.
Acquiring this CD  was one of those situations in a book store where I asked the clerk for some help and this is what was suggested to me.   

I actually still use it from time to time and I highly recommend it. 


I  learned a lot from Carol Tuttle’s chakra course –  it was extremely informative.
This spring I plan on sharing my understandings of the chakras from this course in my posts.  What I found most  interesting was the gems that corresponded with each chakra.  All the gemstones  that were brought up as the main healing gems were gems that I have paired up with my Feng Shui necklaces and then most recently my purse charms. 
With each class I opened I became aware that using just my pure sense of picking gems and with  no guidance or clues, I managed to choose all the gems that are known to enhance the subtle energy arena of our chakra system.

I sat back in my chair and thought to myself: wow, I wonder how I managed to do that? 

So back to my necklace story.  I am just merrily throwing beads on the strand necklace for myself and then on a whim I add a turquoise gemstone for the focal point just for pure pleasure. . Just one gem. It looked stunning against the black pearls and labradorite beads.  When I got the fifth chakra class and read that turquoise was one of the healing gems, I looked at my necklace and kind of smiled.  

The following week I was relaxing and day dreaming and thinking about the chakras and my gems and then I remembered I had some jade beads.   I made another strand necklace up and this time I used a citrine gem stone as the single stone.  It was even more beautiful than the first one I made up.  I wore it the next day and a friend commented on my necklace.  She actually asked to try it on.  I thought that was kind of interesting.  It is such a simple statement of a strand necklace. However it was what she said that stuck in my mind.  She said it “Feels really good on” and her parting words were: “Let me know when you make some more up”. 

Time marches forward and Christmas has now come and gone.  I have not made any necklaces but I have this solid idea.  I  am not sure how I missed that I had all this beautiful inventory of gemstones and that I could not think of what to do with them all because I had set them aside for the Feng Shui inspired group.  I still am not completely sure either what will happen with some  editing decisions if I like this design.  I am going to make a few necklaces up and test them on my new Etsy site shop that I launched this month. 

In my newest creation, two completely different directions of action and thought were actually meant to meet each other.  The opportunity was just sitting there waiting to happen.   So now I am collecting some new findings and some thread and I am really excited.  I realize that  I am only talking about a simple necklace that feels good to wear but for me to have movement at all is really a story  in itself.  

I can see the necklaces finished in my mind’s eye and I am moving fast  to get the supplies to create them.  However I have a few obstacles with the day to day obligations in my  life and so I am not  able to find the amount of time to work out the perfections that I am so particular about. I find that there are setbacks and I am a little frustrated that it is taking me so long to get such a short distance.

I can see where I’m supposed to get to and you would think it would be a lot faster.

I will get there.. I am enthusiastic… 

I came upon this video with this turtle focused on his destination.  It kind of sizes up how I am feeling about my own self getting to this necklace creation destination.

Have a beautiful day,

Photo: PKM ‘destination’




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