It is  really amazing to see a special part of my life wrapped all up in one snapshot.  Truly a picture is worth a thousand words.  I chose  the above picture to start the New Year of 2013  in an effort to share what is going on with  my creative process. I also wanted to touch on how  I am working with my own self discovery so I can  continue to be happy from moment to moment no matter what is going on in my life.   I do feel in these accelerated times that by sharing our stories we learn from one another.  I also believe that if we can imagine it we can be it and we can do it.  

This picture  of me is on January 15th 2000 in San Diego in the home of Louise Hay, Founder of Hay House Publishing.  That is Terah Kathryn Collins the founder of the Western School of Feng Shui on my left.  I guess you can tell by that mile wide  grin on my face that I am  pretty much out of my body drifting around in happiness.  The event was the Graduating Class party of WSFS 2000.

The graduation dinner party for my small class  was a surprise event.  On the last day Terah made an announcement that we were going to be having our graduation celebration dinner at Louise’s house. Everyone was really happy.  

Louise Hay as it turns out was a gardening buddy of Terah’s in San Diego.  Terah was studying Feng Shui and Louise suggested that she start documenting her consultations.  The rest  you can say is a successful serendipitous long standing relationship between Terah Kathryn Collins and Louise Hay. 

When  I found out that we were going to Louise Hay’s house for our graduation party I ran back to my room to breathe deeply. I asked myself:  could it be the same Louise Hay who authored the book, Heal your Body that I had personally read.  I worked with  her affirmations for the emotional repair and  metaphysical healing of my bell’s palsy. I still own it.  I have bought it for gifts as well. 


The night of our graduation party was pretty much a blur. I  was  speechless when I met Louise.  All I could do was smile.   She was so gracious with all of us by opening  her house and showing us  how Terah had  Feng Shui’d her space of course. I had my classmates take pictures of me almost everywhere:  standing by the gong, sitting in the garden, and in the living room. Honestly it was like that Travelocity ad with the gnome showing up in every single shot.  They are my private keepsakes –  very special to only me.  

Louise Hay’s generous spirit made my association with the Western School of Feng Shui a very special affiliation.  I did manage to blurt out to Louise and Terah that I was going to do something really good with all my new learned knowledge.  I meant that sincerely from my deepest part. I felt that I should be making some big mark on society for the betterment of my fellow mankind.  You may be laughing when you  read this, but that is how seriously I took my commitment to do good deeds and help others understand the beauty of living a life of harmony with our surroundings. 

A lot of time has passed by with the research and development into my inner self. 
I discovered that Feng Shui was just a part of the mix.  I realized that there is no outer without an inner first.   I look back over the last twelve years now and I feel that maybe I let Louise and Terah down.  I thought I would have left a bigger footprint of success than I have. I only got as far as creating my charms for positive thinking and I didn’t get any further than that.  

So before I completely fall off the bridge of happiness into self rejection I have done  two things. The first  was to look myself in the mirror and say the following.  “I am aware that I am judging myself and I embrace myself with loving compassion.” 

The second thing I did was get really quiet and go back to the basics. I looked at the non directional Feng Shui of my space. I  got a can of paint, (o.k. I got my boyfriend to get a can of paint) and he painted my studio wall for me.  It sits in the wealth section using non directional Feng Shui.  It was all I could do.  Then I waited.  

I have learnt this myself over the years of working with people – sometimes the need is to get physical like painting a wall or rearranging your furniture. The other quotient is to be still and reflective and pray. 

What is it that you can do to make a subtle shift in your life? Use my experience to discover your own. Find one corner of your home and change it. 

I woke up a few days later with the thought that I should write about  my creative process of  how I am going to explore and reinvent my entrepreneurial pursuits.   

That is as far as I have got. 

As things of coincidence often happen I  found this video of Louise and her offerings for Emotional Freedom Technique.  
I have written about EFT before and have used the technique myself.  However I really have never had such amazing relief as when I used  Louise’s slant on it.  The only way I have used EFT is to identify a painful emotion or situation and to tap the emotion from a scale of 1 thru 10 to reduce the pain to a 2 or 3.  

It always left me feeling  relieved but kind of like I’d just stepped off the bus without any directions.  Used properly EFT is very beneficial. 

This is such a beautiful example of how Louise Hay takes a concept and finishes it with the positive.  What a great way to start off the year. For the Chinese it is the Year of the Water Snake.  A year for waiting your turn and then  making correct fast decisions. Not a wishy washy year at all.

I think if you bookmark this video of Louise and then read more on EFT you will find that it is a valuable technique for self discovery and relief of emotional pain.  This video is just four minutes of the longer 24 min version on You Tube. Here is the link: Louise Hay 24/min EFT.

More importantly I feel that this edited video of four minutes is like a picture which explains the overall concept of how to use EFT beautifully.

Have a beautiful day,

photo: Grad celebrate/ 2000 WSFS




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