With the winter days just recently passing their shortest daylight hours the forward looking enjoyment of longer days is now something to anticipate.   Living within the rhythm of our planet earth is really a humbling special experience when I take the time  to ponder. Half of the year the northern part of our planet earth’s geography  is basking in the sun’s rays of spring summer and fall.  The other half of the year we are shown the quietness and solitude of darkness with limited daylight.

It is a wonderful time to light your house up with the celebration of gratitude and also a welcome time to reflect over the year’s events.  How can I know how far I have come if I do not take the time to see where I have been.  It is within this question of reflection that I found myself revisiting the work of Dr. Wayne Dyer


I remember in 2004 when Dr. Wayne Dyer’s PBS special, The Power of Intention was aired on TV.    My boyfriend was watching it with me and very patiently listening as  I was going on and on about the placement of the lights on the stage. 
“Don’t you see that someone has done some energy work and the stage  space has been cleared?”   

“All I see is a really pleasing set design.” he replied.

“Well I can see it and I can feel it.” I thought to myself quietly…

That is all I  pretty much remember about the Power of Intention broadcast. 

To re-visit this broadcast in video form was actually kind of interesting to me because it created a milestone factor. It offered me a reflection of what I could hear and see where I was eight years ago.

To explain this  another way: two people take a class and at the end of it share their notes.  What they will discover and I share this with you through my own life experience, is both individuals  will have different notes. 

One person would have heard certain things that the other was not able to download.  These personal findings still amaze me and is my personal  “why”  I write about all of us finding our own way, and never giving up.

So this is my big Why question to you.  Where were you in 2004?  What is the difference in your happiness quotient between then and now.  Are you running ahead?  Are you backing up?  Maybe  you have indeed found the rhythm of your own path…

Dr. Wayne Dyer, video: The Power of Intention pt. 1

Dr. Wayne Dyer, video: The Power of Intention pt. 2

May the New Year of 2013 be filled with all of us finding our own special instrument and voice of happiness.

Beethoven symphony; Ode to Joy

Have a beautiful day,

Photo:  ‘reflection’ PKM





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