It all started out so innocently.  I saw a video shared on Facebook  of some  porpoises here in  Howe Sound, British Columbia.   Howe Sound, where this rather large group of porpoises were photographed jumping around is fifty minutes from downtown Vancouver, B. C. Canada.  This was special footage because there have not been a lot of dolphins  in that sound because of the pollution that had built up over the years.  There has been a concerted effort from the various different environmental factions  and apparently their efforts to clean up the water so the fish would  come back for the porpoises to feed on  is paying off.

As the year  draws to a close and I am  tidying up my computer  I noticed that I had accumulated some West Coast  whale videos –  all close up and personal.  Kayakers and boaters out in the water viewing these magnificent mammals in their natural habitat, the ocean.  The treasure of my revelation in viewing these videos is the mere fact that these whales are free.  Whales love their freedom.  

I feel if  you want to really understand what a whale is then visit them in their natural habitat.  My heart starts thumping with such emotion because I am so grateful for these  whales that are cruising around in the cold waters off the West Coast of British Columbia.

Orcas approach boat.

Freedom is important and I wonder what will be saved for the next generation of planet earth lovers.  If we push right past through our fear and embrace the kindness of self acceptance as a place to rest and reflect we may find the answer.
I believe if we are kind to ourselves then it invites the possibility for us to be kind to whales too. 

Santigold live at BBC radio. 

Gray whale, Broken Island off of Vancouver Island, B. C.

Tourists out  for a little fishing trip off Tofino B.C. meet a Humpback whale. Flying  and free. 

Maybe seeing a whale move through the ocean is something for you to add to your life list of things to do?  This Sooke B. C. kayak rental company ended up with some orca killer whale footage, that will make you sit up.  

Florence and the Machine, Live at KEXP, ( Seattle WA)
Cosmic Love

 Ocean footage of a dog in a boat  watches pod of orcas. The impact of awe still abounds.

I guess I never realized how much I like seeing whales in the wild. I am so grateful to live here on planet earth.  We are caretakers of this planet’s amazing gift of waters and mountains to explore.  It all comes down to love. 

The xx-angels from their album Co-exist

Have a beautiful day,

Photo: PKM



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