While the majority of the fashion world is gearing up for the approaching winter months Paris Spring fashion shows for 2013 are in full swing.  French couture is where Paris Fashion houses take the cue from the current economic conditions and with a forward looking eye create a theme for trends that will arc over several months if not years to come.  Couture fashion is a statement of the beauty of where we are today but it creates a history and story telling board when we look back over every decade.  I  really enjoy watching the moving art. This is what my personal take is on the tall gazelle-like models that float as mannequins down the runway, making the statement for the Designers. 

Couture is an artistic commentary on where we are as an evolving civilization.  It gets translated down to the mass merchandisers and street fashion which you and I participate in whether we are aware of it or not.

How you get dressed every day tells the world who you are, or who you want them to think you are.

I thought the Dries Van Noten and Rick Owens collections were quite special.  The overall trends are for sheer fabrics weighted with heavier fabrics and structure.  No easy feat to translate that into a fashion world expression/trend of where we are headed.  Very, very artistic.  Bold color still plays a key role in our recession bound world economies. All of these expressive designers have clearly had some exposure to the chakra colors and the effect of what color plays in the subtle energy healing realm. You can check out all the videos at STYLE.COM link.

The key question being asked:   What is modern? 

Rick Owens highlights: Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear

Many years ago when I was picking up the pieces of my health and glueing myself back together, I discovered a book that really helped me get back on track with my body.   I worked with the Callan Pinckney exercises and read her book 30 Days to a Beautiful Body as a personal challenge.  This is long  before there were computers to write testimonials about products.  This harkens back to the day of the eight track for music and VHS for videos. Somewhere in the last eight years this book got tucked away.  I pulled it out of the bottom row of my library and googled Callan Pinckney only to discover she passed away in March 2012.  With the modern tool of email I was going to write to her and thank her personally for the book and the tremendous difference it made in my life.  When I clicked onto Amazon and read the many positive testimonials on Callan’s exercise products I saw I was not alone.  Although these exercises would fall under the no-impact concept of exercising, they produce amazing results.  I only did ten minutes everyday of  these isolated exercises  from her book.  Every few days I would increase the amount of repetitions as directed in the book. I am not going to wait until Spring to start with my 30 day countdown exercise. 

I found a dated video that shows a partial clip of Callans 10 Years Younger in 10 Hours and have posted it here to inspire you.  Can you guess by the colorful leotards what circa  this video was made?

10 Years Younger, Callan Pinckney video:

If you are looking for something to treat yourself  to for Christmas this year that  will start your inner beauty program off on the right foot for the New Year, I highly recommend these products by Callan Pinckney.  Long after she has gone we still have her amazing contribution to our world with her concept of  women and men liking their own bodies.  Sweep your temple and enjoy the riches of health. 

Have a beautiful day,
photo: golden blue

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