Along the way of getting your life understandings maybe  consider taking a little time out for this question.  What does that future You look like in your mind?  Another way of framing this question could be, “So who are you when you get there?”   Your  positive daily solemn declaration that keeps you smiling and the  path clear ahead of you is creating space for the answer.  We sometimes get ourselves into  places  where there clearly is not enough room for our whiskers to move.  Undaunted by our curiosity, we find ourselves stuck and then we have to slowly and carefully back ourselves out of the hole or the dead end that we were so sure we wanted to explore.  This is, I believe,  how we learn on the pathway of life.    

Through a patient and compassionate practice of self-love, I feel that I am working with these questions a lot more these days.   The story of Freeing Valentina  inspired the thought in me to make some extra space for my future visualizations. 

This was the question  I posed to myself.

What  was I  going to be giving back once I got there?

Northern Irish singer-songwriter and musician Van Morrison whose music can be described as transcendental  offers these lyrics, “Did you get healed?” and I thought hmm… there it is again.   Another great question.

What is your great question?  The freedom to live your life after the relief of being untangled from some of your toughest life lessons that got you very tangled. I realize that this is a play on words that speaks volumes about Valentina’s  joy. What practices are you going to be able to invite into your life as positive reflections of you.  On a daily basis.  What makes you smile.  What makes you howl with laughter.  At the most quiet level of reflection what is it in your heart that you need and desire the most in order to be happy with your life.   The joy is knowing we all have the freedom to find our own way.  


Have a beautiful day,

photo:  autumn park



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