Summer is working its way through all of us  now. The August days show up with abundant sun and the unique gift of visiting the river to cool off is once again available.  I have written about this river before and that I wait all year for the water to be at a perfect temperature and depth to dip in and enjoy the energy of the water gently moving around and through me.  It is a healing experience but mainly  a tremendous source of fun and relaxation. 

I showed my friend how to wade out into the river with  water shoes on and anchor your hands onto the rocks on the river bed and bracing your feet and letting the rivers current energy move through your body.  The only part exposed is your head. It took some technical maneuvering as she is much shorter than me and I wasn’t quite sure she would master it.  

“Awesome.”  “Very cool.”  aah..  Oprah should hear about this, she chimed.

 The best things in life are really to be shared are they not?   

This year I took my lifejacket along and I mention this because my girlfriend had insisted that she read that it was a new law that everyone who was within 200 feet of the water had to have a water jacket on.  Not wanting to bring attention to myself of course I showed up with my lifejacket.  My girlfriend showed up with her inner tube and as you can surmise, somehow she got the information confused because there was everyone at the river and in the river and I was the only person with a lifejacket on. 

We laughed about it as we made our way into the river.  My friend’s inner tube, ‘the river rat’, had a rope threaded around it and so I held onto the rope with my fingers. Whoosh and we were off down the river  laughing our heads off. Two grown women forgetting about time and age and surrendering to the joy of the moment.  My lifejacket worked like a charm as a floatation device and fifty yards down the river I giggled to my friend.  “Look I’m floating just like Dollar the dog.”  My girlfriend’s head was laid back on her inner tube and she was dreamily looking at the sky, as she replied, “What does floating like Dollar the dog mean?”

Summer here in the Northwest is all about having fun and enjoying the beautiful natural energy of the sun.  Skateboarding is something that I look at but I really had no idea of the depth to which this interest is a huge sport.  I have included two skateboarding videos that are completely different but share a common theme.  


Happie the skateboarding goat makes  Guinness World Record. 

It’s summertime.  Go outside and play…

Have a beautiful day,

Photo:  PKM




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