What if I were to tell you that even though the summer fun is my foreground experience, in the background of my mind I have been in deep contemplation. 

What if I were to tell you that suddenly I had a moment where I saw where I was right now in my life in a different light.  What if I were to tell you that I have been meditating on the thought of “What do I love to do as a positive affirmation.”

The thought that came into my mind was where I am with my website business and this blog.  Was I happy?  Was it making me money?  What was my idea of success?  I gave myself the gift of exploring  a few avenue of thoughts that would have been uncomfortable before.  Because I included the context of Love in my thought and decision-making, I was able to actually get to a few places that for whatever reason were closed or blocked to me before.

I created my website with  with the inspiration of happiness and Feng Shui. My  collection of inspirational charms I will always be pleased. However the growth of my company has not equaled my passion for being a Happiness Designer.  There are some patterns in my thinking that are  not serving me and I need to let go of. This letting go will allow myself  to be available for my future.  If I were to describe it in a movie term it would be the scene in The Titanic where Rose is on the lifeboat and Jack is in the water and she has to let him go.  The character Rose does not want to let go but the situation clearly separates them forever.  

I have to date had this notion that I would just focus on the work of my dangle charm creation and when that had satisfied itself on a monetary level I would unfold my business to accommodate the growth.  However, just focusing so much on the dangle has created in me  an emotional level to just focus on the dangle.  I never have started to live the dreams of the ideas of what I have for my website and ultimately my future as a Happiness Designer. 

In short I have not been acting on being in the present moment. 

I will be making some changes to the website over the next coming months and will up the ante as well for the blog.  I will enjoy the time doing the transition work and creating some interesting content  that my website and blog are asking for.  I will be showing up with the desire to be the best I can be, and  share some beautiful  ideas and products with you that will uplift and inspire.

The summer is still here, and I feel just  like a colt who knows that school is just around the corner but I am still kicking up my heels and having fun.

I hope this finds you having fun too.  Know that taking the time out to have some fun can in turn offer up an understanding for your future.

I am sharing this four-part video of Radha Conrad that was filmed in 2008 in Maui, Hawaii, U.S.A.  on the Steven Freid show – Life on Maui.

It is an inspiring, honest expose of a soul living her passion and life purpose to be of service educating our thought process on  inner  happiness. 

Life on Maui with Steven Freid & Radha Conrad
Part one: The entire circle must be complete

Life on Maui with Steven Freid & Radha Conrad
Part two: The singer with the beautiful voice

Life on Maui with Steven Freid  & Radha Conrad
Part three:  One line truths

Life on Maui with Steven Freid & Radha Conrad
Part four:  How do I speak to myself

Have a beautiful day,

Photo: ‘horses-land’ – www.freebigpictures.com



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