In the early morning eye blinks of today I find myself drinking a strong cup of java while I  reflect on how valuable it is to create an overall affirmation for your life.

“Don’t worry be happy” is a pleasing mantra.  Maybe Snoopy is onto something.  Maybe we are all just way over thinking the whole pursuit of happiness thing.  Perhaps we need to just keep it simple and let our inner happiness surf outward  to meet our outer happiness. 

I have the unction that inspiration is always knocking at our door of well-being.  Always surprised and relieved like that of a dear friend, our mind welcomes the inspiration for wonderful and amazing paths of creation.

Follow your imagination to the waters edge….

I guess my question to ask myself and I share this question with you as well, “What do you love to do?”

If you are experiencing life resistance and certain plans and dreams fall through take a step back; then consider visiting yourself with a self inquiry question.  

Why is it so easy to make a living at what I love to do?

There I said it.  Cat’s out of the bag. I am grabbing my metaphorical wet suit, a surf board and head out to catch that wave to happiness.

As I catch my reflection in the mirror, I throw in an “I love you” to myself like the perfect cream topping to a frappe mocha. 

The Zak Noyle, surfing photographer video below celebrates one person’s  personal expression of happiness. 

The narrative of his life process includes words like quiet, nice and peaceful.
This career life expose video of a guy just having a blast with his life dream is so happily inspirational.

My own personal water experiences in Hawaii were actually pretty scary.  I got swamped by a wave on the north shore as a young teen and was very grateful to survive it.  I look to every water experience to be enjoyed with a tremendous amount of awe and respect. I love the water but I know her strength.  The Zak Noyle documentary, however, illustrates a deeper story than just water or photography and surfing to me.  There is  a lesson to be enjoyed on the art of  Zen through this  photographer’s personal inner shine.  

The inspiration I took away from watching Zak Noyle at work was  “When the student is ready the ThouGht arrives”.    

Zak Noyle’s lifestyle pt. 2 video shows through example  that  the daily ritual and discipline of exercise opens doors to creativity that would not be possible otherwise.

Work hard play hard.


I think when I grow up I want to be like Zak.  Living my dream.  To create and creating all in one swell of a breath.  However I will be doing my surfing on the safety and dryness of  a beach and firmness of the land. 

Zak Noyle / Momentum pt.1

Zak Noyle / Momentum  pt. 2

Have a beautiful day,

Photo: snoopy-rc



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