Beautiful morning today!  This is how I answered my phone and  started off a  conversation with my dearest friend who recently lost her job.  “I guess so”, she replied quietly.  “I am actually calling to get one of your inspirational jewelry dangle things.”  

Yippee! a sale… 

We talked for a bit more about how and when I could get her the dangle that she wanted as a gift  for a friend’s celebration party.  The conversation quickly turned to the fact that she was unemployed and how the trauma of losing her job was really taking its toll on her daily happiness quotient.  We walked  together again through her long detailed workplace story, as  a good friend does. Me, listening and waiting for a moment to interject with  some good jokes to help with moving the pain of disappointment through her memory cells.  

Awe… a hurting bunny.

I thought I would offer up an  analogy on moving past pain to help cheer her up.  I acknowledged the fact that she had lost a job that she felt should be hers.  I also agreed with her that she did a good job and reminded her sometimes even when people do a good job there may be no reward for that  deed, in hard cold cash.  However, knowing you did a good job and feeling peaceful on a spiritual level,  does not pay the rent. 

I get it. 

So, how do you emotionally move ahead?

I brought up another dog story for my friend.  This one was of my beloved dog Dakota that passed away earlier this year 2012.  He had an amazing nose for food.  Whenever I sat in the living room with my dinner plate,  it seems he would appear from nowhere.  If I put my plate down on the coffee table to go grab something, he would be up on his feet and start cruising.  “No, I would say with authority.”  Just keep moving.” He always would immediately choose to slip into the default  hard of hearing mode.  I would raise my voice one octave and say again. “Come on now, move along.  Move along Dakota”.

A bit of a standoff here. He would look at me and start with the telepathic dog talking  he had mastered over his ninety-eight years.   Technically because the food was at his eye level this should mean (in dog logic) at least, a taste of my meal should go his way.  He would then walk on by slowly like he was doing me a favour.  As he moved on by  he would look over his shoulder at me, surrendering to the outcome.

I think there is a lesson to be enjoyed here from the late great doG Dakota. In actuality he  probably went across the road and ate some horse manure at the neighbours’ pasture just to get even. However the most key element to my story is that albeit reluctantly.. he did…move along.  

That is my point I said to my friend.  You have to move along. Think of the Himalayan yaks working their way up the narrow path of Mt. Everest, one hoof in front of the other with their load of human supplies on their furry backs.  Not knowing or thinking about the reward of the view at the top for their steady easy pace up the mountainside.  When the landscape of your world appears to be  really tough and chaotic on the outside, move your thinking to something that you can accomplish, like the Yaks of the Himalayas do. 

One foot in front of the other.  Keep moving forward. Don’t look back and for sure do not look down…

“Not to change the subject my friend asked, but have you ever heard of Don Miguel Ruiz?”  I was at a dinner party and someone brought his name up.”

“Yes I replied.  That’s another conversation.  I have to get going here.  Talk to you soon.” 

“Thanks for listening to me” –  she blurts back  through the still lingering  pain of disappointment”.

“Like you haven’t done this for me?  That is what friends do. Lean on each other.
Listen to each other.”

Have a beautiful day,

Photo: ‘safe landing’ rc



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