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I am the most optimistic person to have around on a blue day.  However,even with a space that has been energetically cleared and has the best Feng Shui going, one can be hit with the challenges of a hard day at work. If this happens to you remember that  stepping across the threshold into a  sanctuary that has been created to nourish and support you can feel like a dear old friend that knows you so well.

Aahh, made it home.  Regroup, recharge, reassess, revitalize. 

It is a blessing to be able to count on your friends to listen to your story and empathize with the craziness that can go on in the modern day workplace.  Listening, I have come to realize is an art that you actually grow into with age.  

My friend’s story of her workplace drama was long and entwined.  It had all the components of what Eckhart Tolle writes about in his book, A New Earth.  Eckhart talks about our ego and how it wraps itself around  jealousy, envy, greed, and then feeds the  “painbody” (which basically is stuck emotions) with the emotions gathered from high drama.   

“So, what do you think?” she asked me halfway through sharing the long complicated layout  of the toxic  events of  her day.  

“Hmm.. I replied. Let’s turn on the computer, I want to show you something”.

I then moused up a YouTube video for us to watch.  The singing dog.  “Just what angle are you taking with this video you want me to watch?” my friend asked me.   “Well, the way I see it,  this singing dog clearly has a story to tell”.  Now just because you don’t understand  “dog opera” does not mean that you won’t feel there is a lot to the story.  However that is all it is .  A story.  

 She watched it.  The singing dog video.

She laughed out loud.  Well we both did for that matter.  Before she could slide back into the pattern of getting me to agree with her how bad her story of the betrayal that was going on in her workplace I added this:  Viktor Frankl (1905-1997) is a legendary psychiatrist, Holocaust survivor and author of Man’s search for meaning. He writes, “We  are not defined by our environment or an experience”. 

“Too deep.” she quipped.

Then it came to me.  My idea or thought (and I was really grateful because I was sort of winging it with the singing dog video) was to distract her and cheer her up.  
“When I think about the quintessential bad day at work, with betrayal and deceit on every corner I feel no better story is portrayed than through the character J.J. Giddes in the  movie, Chinatown”. 

I clicked on the movie trailer  for Chinatown and we watched it together.

When the energy  gets crazy at the workplace I suggest you remember this movie’s  final line.   “Go home Jake.”  “Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown”.

At the end of the day all you  have is your integrity.  This does not mean that you will always win in the workplace.  However, you will be a winner by playing a fair game with yourself and you can find solace in these words of  Mother Teresa.

People are often unreasonable and self-centered. 
Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives.
Be kind anyway.
If you are honest, people may cheat you.
Be honest anyway.
If you find happiness, people may be jealous.
Be happy anyway.
The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow.
Do good anyway.
Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough.
Give your best anyway.
For you see, in the end, it is between you and God.
It was never between you and them anyway.

~Mother Teresa, (1910-1997)
  Roman Catholic Nun, Nobel Peace Prize recipient (1979)  

When  big challenges come up in life, the main focus should be on retaining your joy of each moment.  Oprah suggests just starting with  being grateful that you are  breathing.  

Had a bad day at work?  Try this out: Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth five times.  Slowly…  I did not create this; an elderly heart attack survivor shared this technique with me.

We all have to find our own way through to unloading and dissolving disturbing life experiences.  A good friend is a great place to start, and even a kindly therapist whose life passion is to comfort the hurting is another alternative.  There is a lot to be said for a psychologist’s help to put certain thoughts about events  that hurt you into imaginary  balloons and let them drift away into the sky…forever gone.

Learn to find that space between you and your emotions.  

Create a sanctuary that will feed your mind and heart with wellness of being.

Have a beautiful day,

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