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Well I have made it to the final posting of writing a life list of 100 things to do here on planet earth before I go.  I really did indulge myself by dividing my list into three separate postings, and I have so enjoyed savouring the process.  I  liken this unusual gift idea  to  opening a box of your favorite chocolates but for your mind. The main difference is that you get all the goodness,  giddiness and excitement without the calories. You can check out the first pt. 1 on this February link-click here. For my pt. 2 listing  of my 100 life list as inspired by  Maggie Mason’s website check out this April link-click here. 

Oprah on Joy.  I watched this video on Oprah’s website with the introduction banner: ‘What Oprah knows about the power of gratitude.’  I am including this link for you to view it on her site.  The words that Oprah shares on her video does  slow you down to take a mindful moment to consider her inspirational view. 
Oprah knows that if you don’t have anything to be thankful for, you should start by just being grateful for your breath.

By focusing on one thing you are grateful for it increases the energy of gratitude and raises just a little bit of the joy inside yourself.

One good feeling helps build on another good feeling.

Focus on the good you have, not the lack of it, because whatever gets your attention will increase the energy of gratitude. That’s how joy rises.

Click here to video link: ‘What Oprah knows about the power of gratitude’

My own joy experience was praying every day for two years in gratitude.  The inspiration was actually two fold.  As a child I had watched  my Grandma reciting rote prayer as a Catholic.  That memory came up for me when I read the new age book Conversations with God where the author, Neale Donald Walsch asks the question about prayer.  From these two very different ways of thought I was inspired to  pray in gratitude for my health everyday.  I focused on what I had and not on what was lost. 

When I viewed Oprah’s experience of joy I made an instant connection.  Exposing yourself to positive thoughts may not keep you from ending up on the gangplank of discouragement in your mind, but it will surely be that safety line available to keep you from falling into the drink.

There are numerous  distractions dotted along the way of our daily lives.  Make a conscious effort to treat yourself to something beautiful that eases your mind. This BBC video spot kind of speaks to me.  It is with this thought that I share this 100 things to do  before I go life list.

68. Have lunch with Ellie Drake (founder Braveheart Women)
69. Express gratitude everyday
70. Learn how to play soccer
71. Design a finding
72. Attend 100 Art Gallery openings
73. Learn CPR 
74. Be invited to a poetry recital
75. Make a paper bird mobile
76. Take Thai food cooking lessons  
77. Have a gratitude journal that lists 5 things everyday
78. Learn how to play poker
79. Take a class on adobe illustrator
80. Talk to Vito Montone and Kim Castle for an hour
81. Have a dinner party with full on place settings and decoration
82. Make someone laugh every day
83. Camp at Yosemite National Park, CA
84. Play scrabble in Antigua, Caribbean
85. See Earth Wind & Fire play live (don’t care how old they are)
86. Get Seasons tickets to the Opera
87. Juice every other day (I’ve tried every day and failed)
88. Go on a cattle drive – yippee horses!
89. Visit the J. Paul Getty museum in Los Angeles
90. Rent a houseboat for a weekend with friends 
91. Have a fruit yielding cherry tree
92. Create a salad dressing that  friends want the recipe for
93. Remember to create time to give thanks every day
94. Get married
95. A porch swing
96. To own an  apartment-makes me smile just to think it.
97. My own pool
98. Touch a Moose’s nose
99. Visit Mt. Rushmore, North Dakota U.S.A.
100. A clear night  to see a meteorite shower in the sky

Have a beautiful day, 

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