The inspiration of writing a life list of 100 things to do while you are here on planet earth is really a liberating and freedom based process. Not limited to ten things you want to do but 100 really opens the door for your imagination.  There are many websites available as idea platforms, but my original inspiration was from Maggie Mason of Mighty girl.  The unusual gift idea for yourself in creating a life list is to make the most of every moment of our existence.  It is giving yourself permission to be happy.  Clarity and focus of forgotten thoughts is what you stand to benefit from.

One website that I found inspirational was that of John Goddard.  His website shows a checklist spreadsheet ledger format.  He has accomplished so many adventure based goals that it makes me gasp and say to myself, oh my goodness. What I took away from  his website  by reading the many things that were on his list was to focus on the journey and not the destination.  

Although goal setting is important it is by  living our daily truth of self love that sets the seeds in the ground firmly to grow.  By being honest with ourselves and filling our day with integrity and small rituals of peaceful thoughts this can keep us on our path of happiness.  We all need to find our own way to find inner harmony, and working with a life list is a very uplifting energetic experience.  What is really fun is to know is that your life list is exclusive to you.  It does not need to meet anyone else’s criteria. It is your dream.

I find couture fashion to be beautiful art expression.  When you study fashion history you  discover that we interpret our economic and social commentary through the way we dress as individuals and even as communities.  I spent some time this last week  looking at the runway shows of the larger houses in Paris, France.  Givenchy, Dior, Prada, Chanel, for example and I so appreciate the beautiful construction of these garments on the runway and the sheer mastery of the tailors and seamstresses who take these visions and turn them into art.  

You can visit the shows themselves now online and also the Couture houses now include short videos outlining their overall theme.   It is with this admiration of the art form of couture I kick off my life list part 2 with house of  Lanvin Fall 2011 video.  (click here to read the first 33)

34. Sit at a Couture fashion show of a legendary label
35. Buy that cowboy hat in Ennis Mt. I missed the last time
36. Take photography lessons 
37. Be a prolific photographer
38. Meet Joel Osteen-a handshake at a book signing
39. Own some land
40. Learn how to fly fish (catch & release)
41. Go swimming at Lake Havasu, Az.
42. Go swimming in  Antigua 
43. Bake my own bread (like Grandma’s)
44. Go to a flea market in 3 different countries
45. Walk on the Great Wall of China
46. Visit Fernie, B.C.
47. Meet Hillary Clinton
48. Never use a swear word (no matter what)
49. Go for lunch in Santa Barbara
50. Swim at Lake Ennis Mt. (again)
51. Visit Switzerland
52. Swim at the Mandalay wave pool in Vegas
53. Own a Porta-bote (a folding boat)
54. Attend the Rose bowl parade in Pasadena
55. Tickets to the NFL Super Bowl
56.  Fourth of July parade in Cody Wyoming
57. Take a creative writing class
58. Write a book that is filled with wit and laughter
59. Have a beautiful garden
60. Create a cookie for a baking contest
61. Experience a Tony Robbins workshop
63. Visit the gem show in Arizona 
64. Meet Louise Hay (again)
66. Go to San Francisco for business
67. Visit 3 art galleries in New York City

I am back to dreaming my last entries to finish my life list.  My imagination is already dancing out the door  across the lawn on the way down to the ocean….

Have a beautiful day,

Photo:  ‘Happy trails Mare’ PKM



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