Guest teachers Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Iyanla Vanzant, & Bishop T.D. Jakes on the Oprah life class tour in Toronto, Ontario Canada was pretty amazing.  The real charm of the life class televised event this April for me was   the mentioned quiet layering of gratitude as a daily practice.  Oprah speaks very openly about writing down in a gratitude journal five things that you are grateful for everyday. 

The thing I notice more and more about Oprah as her own positive quiet corner is a  honest level of gratitude.  In true Oprah form she doesn’t lay claim to inventing the idea of a  gratitude journal, she just shares openly and  in a very soft voice that she actively engages with gratitude as a  daily practice.  I have actually been inspired to use this level of “gratitude happiness”  with my friends.  If there is a situation that a girlfriend is having trouble with I will bring up the Oprah gratitude idea and instead of saying “just stop those negative thoughts”, I offer this question up instead.  “Quick, tell me two things that you are grateful for right now at this moment.”  What it does is it makes you stop and come back into your present moment, and back into your body where you can breathe in and out and collect your thoughts. 

The idea or the common thread I see amongst all these different teachers that are pursuers  of inner happiness is being present with the moment at hand.  I  am now able to comprehend  the significance of  genuinely tapping into where you are right now.

By being present where you are right now, it gives you the opportunity of clarity to have acceptance of where you are.  When you have acceptance of where you are at this moment you are able to create new positive  thoughts  in your mind.  If you are always in a place of gratitude you energetically list yourself available to welcome happy experiences into your life. 

All of the guest teachers on the Oprah show used their life experiences to shape their desire to help others understand themselves. Louise Hay is no exception to this group and her video on healing your life is really good to watch.  Particularly her clear explanation of mirror work.  Mirror work is looking in the mirror into your own eyes and saying “I Love YOU”.  You have to try it just once. It is a very powerful experience.  It is not as easy and swift as you would think at first glance.

Enjoy the wisdom in this Louise Hay video: Approx. 12 min in length.

Have a beautiful day,

photo:  ‘reflection’ PKM



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