I was reading through my life list inspired by Maggie Mason that I started and still need to complete from my February 2012 posting.  The original note to myself was to just savour the experience of dreaming happily of  100 life list things I would like to do.  While looking out the window and daydreaming, I  glanced over to one of my inspirational charms  dangling off the side ring of my satchel in the sunlight.  

The word dancing so lovely in the day’s light on that charm was “Peace”. Many people will agree with the idea that inner peace is the very foundation of happiness. 

Project LIght founder Dr. Lori Leyden has initiated a program of self happiness and peace for trauma healing with genocide survivors in Rwanda. Rwanda’s young children who witnessed the horror of the genocide   are now in their teens, aged sixteen to twenty-five.  Dr. Lori Leyden of Create Global Healing  is using all the energy psychology modalities from her thirty years of experience in conjunction with  the trauma healing method  EFT-emotional freedom technique.

The EFT-emotional freedom technique I wrote about  in my post November 26,2010  is also known as Tapping.  I was introduced to EFT by Dr. Lee Pulos of Vancouver B.C.,  in 1996.  This is a  widely known technique of literally “tapping” the meridian points on the body to permanently release emotional pain.

Meridian tapping can be learned by anyone. It gives you the power to heal yourself, putting control over your destiny back into your own hands. In some ways meridian tapping is similar to acupuncture in that both tapping and acupuncture achieve healing by stimulating the body’s meridians and energy flow. 

One of the most impressive things I find about Dr. Lori Leyden’s overall humanitarian journey is that there is an  overall exit strategy. This is a classic Napoleon Hill approach to succeeding, “have  the end vision in your mind”.  The main part of this vision plan is the train the trainer model system.  Her team of volunteers teach the EFT tapping system to these young teens in Rwanda and they in turn train the other orphans with this trauma healing technique.  

Here are the two websites  that outlines this self healing journey.

Project LIght video:

Here is a website that has information on tapping/EFT:

Jessica Ortner video demonstrates how to Tap.

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