One of the joys in maturing is being able to give yourself permission to enjoy yourself regardless of the highs and lows  that greet you every day. I was in that train of thought just prior to watching  a ten minute interview with Ellie Drake and Summer McStravick on  Braveheart Women TV earlier this year.  

Summer McStravick is the author of Creative Flowdreaming.  Summer’s  book Creative Flowdreaming  explains the technique that is discussed in the interview on this segment.  Flowdreaming is a manifesting tool  that is basically a guided daydream.   By bundling a vision in your mind and then inserting your emotions of joy, gratitude, enthusiasm alongside and into  that vision creates a very positive connection that your body responds to.  This is what many people experience when  working with vision boards.   The unique aspect of Summer’s work I feel is that she has created audio tapes that guide you through a ten minute daydream  for exercising your mind’s  manifesting muscle.   

I ordered the book and one of her audio tapes after watching the video. I found it interesting in Summer’s writing  that she feels that our surroundings profoundly affect us.  You can see that with my background in Feng Shui and decorating and design that I would have a connection to her work.  She writes; “When you’re living within your Flow, you can use your surroundings as yet another medium of energy to program”.  

I enjoy listening to her tape and the guided daydream  is a rather  pleasant  experience.  In some ways her work reminds me of Shakti Gawain’s earlier work from the 1980s but a wholly different or rather  lovely variation on an old theme. Creative visualization clearly has never gone away; we were all reading about it in the eighties and now here I am writing about it twenty five years later.        

I am going to work with Summer’s manifesting and Feng Shui in homes.  An example would be to put a pair of candles in your love corner and then Creative Flowdreaming as a enhancement.  Layering these particles of thought with the tangible items in your vision, then anchor with positive emotion and enjoy the results.

Ellie Drake of Braveheart Women with Summer McStravick:

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