Happy Chinese New Year which was January 23, 2012. The Celestial animal that the Chinese share with us for this year is The Water Dragon. The Dragon is the only mythical animal in the Chinese horoscope and points to a year that is filled with dreams coming true for all of us. With relationship to Feng Shui and working with elements the Dragon’s natural home element is wood. This year 2012 has the water element fueling the happy lucky Dragon’s twelve month tour of auspicious luck and energy.

Working with the nourishing elemental energy cycles:
Fire nourishes Earth element.
Earth nourishes Metal element.
Metal nourishes Water element.
Water nourishes Wood element.
Wood nourishes Fire element.

I don’t know if you noticed or not, but water nourishes wood. The water element nourishes wood – to make it grow and flourish. It is on this basis that we can recognize the harmonious aspects available to all of us through this Chinese New Year.

What a wonderful time to start with a Vision board and create your intentions for the New Year.

A Vision Board is a process of images and photographs and words that mean and hold powerful emotions for you personally. It is a very enjoyable way to consciously and unconsciously manifest these images and objects on your vision board into a living breathing reality that will enhance your life.

Here is a quick step by step explanation of how to do just that:

1. Gather images. This can be photos you have collected throughout the years, or magazines. Do not rush through this step, honour yourself with time. You can make your vision board in one sitting or add to it thru your year. In addition to images from magazines and personal photographs, you can also include objects like keychains, necklaces or important pieces of jewelry. Whatever you can imagine is a big yes.

2. Words. Choose the words you want to happen in your life and include them on your Vision Board. Create a question with Why being the first word in your sentence. Is there a question that you want to live into? Is it an empowering, positive question?

3. Make sure everything on your Vision Board you are available to say yes to.

4. Spacing. Breathing room – your vision board needs it. The easiest way to explain this is a video I saw with John Assaraf being interviewed by Ryan Higgins for the new vision board system Mind Movies. What is really interesting when you watch this video is that John Assaraf’s vision board (seen at 3:46 min) only has a few images on it and there is a lot of space between the images. When you crowd your images it does not leave any breathing space, and lends to a more chaotic energy pattern. When you leave the images almost in a floating placement it allows for space in your unconscious to unfold these images into reality.

5. Shape. Your vision board can be as big or small as you feel. Some people will have a large one on their wall that can be three feet wide. Other choices are much smaller and the good news is that whatever size and shape that you choose for your vision board will be right for you.

6. Change. You can change your Vision Board anytime. If you want to add images or check off an image that you have been joyfully able to manifest is also an idea. If you place a piece of jewelry on your vision board, it will encourage you to touch it. This participation helps in keeping the relationship with your yes images alive for you!

A brand new idea to hit the Vision Board idea bank is Mind Movies. This is how the system MInd Movies works. The site offers a collection of images, powerful affirmations, and music to choose from in their extensive library and resources. You click on the choices in each of these areas and create a very positive and personal vision board. It is the law of attraction brought one more step forward into our information age by creating a video that you watch everyday. I am just surprised that someone did not think of this idea and format earlier. It is a little pricey, but for the person who is looking for a vision board that is most current and high tech this is definitely worth viewing. From looking at their website, there is a one time set up fee, and a monthly servicing fee.

Enjoy the video: Ryan Higgins interviews John Assaraf for Mind Movies and Vision Boards.

Have a beautiful day,

photo: ‘water’ PKM



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