My curiosity most certainly has led me to some really amazing stories in the world of healing arts and happiness over the last twelve months. I have been pleasantly surprised to find that my very own charm jewelry enhances all inquires into health and happiness. Fashion world patrons as well enjoyed the beauty of my danglers as an anchor for focus and intention by adorning their handbags. I thought it would be helpful to review some of my favourite picks that I have personally benefited from in the year 2011.

As I reflect on all the valuable information that has come my way this year, I see that truly it is the journey and not the destination. The main thing that all my reading and researching has shown me is to be happy no matter what my circumstance.

This is not so easy, because if I move too fast I will miss the moment, and if I procrastinate the moment will pass me by.

For example if I were to become very wealthy but I missed everything along the way to get there I am really no further ahead because the rhythm is lopsided. I run the real risk of manifesting all the areas of inquiry that I skirted by to over achieve and over compensate with money. I feel there are no short cuts and you read story after story of people coming to a place of greatness only to lose it all because they need to use all their money to repair the unexplored areas they left behind on the way up. Of course the flip side of this is to keep myself suppressed with debt and confusion which is even more debilitating.

If your birth date was in the 1950s – 1960s you probably understand this the most because this generational group was told to just get the money at any cost. Sitting where we are all now in 2011 you can see by the plethora of self help authors that a lot of moments were missed and pretty much everyone is turning their pony around to retrieve the missing pieces. I remember in the 1980s the very fringe of this self interest was evident and people were into self discovery, but since then these generations have had families and children. With so much communication on the Internet people now have full access to questioning who they are and where the missing pieces are from their life.

Happiness is no longer an exclusive club, it has become mainstream.

We all need to walk our own way and find the proper tools to assist healing the missing pieces of human behaviour that have caused our  unique story of confusion, suffering and the dullness of unhappiness.

The other ah ha that I discovered through all my research on inner beauty was that every one of these thought leaders’ success stories rely on one main component that runs through all their offerings equally. They all rely on the ritual of a daily practice. A daily routine just like you would think of exercising. The real gem of this entire piece that I am writing is this: Once you find your particular way of self inquiry that offers you relief, you need to find a daily practice that will keep the new healthful patterns in your brain on track. These practices I am speaking of are not in conflict with prayer and I realize that many of us pray as a daily practice. With that being said people forget to pray and not so bad to be reminded the power of prayer.

Here are some of my 2011 highlights:

Radha Conrad: I took a two-month teleclass this year with Radha in the early winter. I also was privileged to work with her on a one to one basis. You can access her videos on The Braveheart Women network or her website LifeMasterySkills. The most exciting thing for me about Radha is that when I reviewed her work by listening to the tapes this fall I had forgotten that she recommended that we breathe every day a minimum of five minutes. Her directions are: In through the nose and out through the mouth. Don’t question your busy chatty mind, just keep moving your mind to your breathing. Radha explained that when you do this daily practice it strengthens the muscle in your mind and raises the energy in your body. I have started or rather restarted breathing five minutes every day since mid October and for me personally I have found my own personal practice that enhances the enjoyment of my daily life. I really like it a lot. To put it simply it makes me feel good.

Noah St. John: Author of The Secret Code of Success. Noah discovered that if you put “why” in front of your affirmations that it will set your brain up to retrieve positive solutions to your inquiry. His book explains how your subconscious does not respond to a statement. ie: I am happy. However if you ask yourself the question: “Why am I happy?” your mind will start moving and indexing the thoughts to support the question. In short it goes looking for the answer to “why you are happy”. I find it to be really enjoyable. It was after my Noah e-course and my understanding of utilizing affirmations in conjunction with Feng Shui that I added “why” to all my existing affirmations with my charm collection. It was a natural fit because a big part of Feng Shui involves intention and particularly in non-directional Feng Shui (western) we use affirmations as a major enhancer. I felt that adding “why” took my existing affirmation creations from deep meaning to great meaning.

Lauren E. Miller – EFT: stands for Emotional Freedom Technique; simply put it is basically acupuncture without the needles (emotional acupuncture). When something in life triggers an emotional response within us our energy system freezes. This is often times referred to as “deer in the headlights”. The body actually experiences a “ZZZT” energy disconnect in the face of a distressing memory or event. Often times we will go into a state of emotional paralysis. EFT simply gets the energy moving again which enables us to reconnect to God, others and ourselves in spite of the anxiety and pain. This reconnect leads to quick reframing opportunities and therefore quick emotional healing takes place. It is a simple technique that uses tapping, on your forehead, cheeks, shoulders, and wrists. EFT is not connected to any new age philosophy, spiritual or religious practice, it is simply a mechanical technique similar to physical therapy that helps the body reconnect after an experience of disconnect (energy freeze) due to emotional blocks and pain. EFT was created by Gary Craig in the mid 1990s. What makes it particularly noteworthy is the high success rate for phobias and anxiety. EFT has been said to work where often nothing else will.

I personally was introduced to EFT in the 1990s by Lee Pulos Ph.D, but there are mainstream sites such as Nick Ortner’s The Tapping Solution. I have cited this above with Lauren E. Miller website text because she is a life coach that uses EFT in her resource bag helping others with healing and happiness in their lives. Quite a beautiful fearless woman who is a cancer survivor and understands her calling to help others.

Byron Katie: Author of Loving What Is. I am just a newbie to Katie’s work as of this Fall 2011. I have read her book and downloaded the free worksheets from her website. The most amazing thing I have learned through her work is how to separate what is God’s business, My business, and Other People’s business. I feel I am a far more gracious person by adding this valuable information to my conscious and subconscious frame of mind. I have a working knowledge now if I am projecting something onto someone around me or not. It makes you aware of your own questions of pain and offers a very simple clear avenue of writing it down on a piece of paper. Her main emphasis for this is so that the mind does not keep throwing more stories at you to keep you confused. I personally had a domino like effect in my memory bank of past misunderstandings that never really settled with me a few days after reading her book. At lightning speed I was talking out loud to myself recalling past instances with what was my business and what was not. It really is that powerful and that easy. “Question your thinking – Change the world”.

That is a short recap of a big year of learning and creativity. I have enjoyed sharing my journey with you and I hope that you will be curious to check some of these resources out. I realize through my nearly two years of blogging that everybody is now some sort of expert, and I am thinking what kind of expert can I focus on becoming in 2012. Maybe a flowing expert….yes a go with the flow expert, or maybe not. Maybe I will continue on being just a student of happiness.

Now some fun stuff:

I realize Christmas is past but I saw this really cute new app from interactive for “A Charlie Brown Christmas“. Maybe since it is a seasonal item it will go on sale. Worth checking out for your kids, really cute and fun.

This Catvertising is hysterical. I laughed and loved it….

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