From time to time I receive from the t.v. division of updates to my email box. I noticed from one of their earlier broadcasts a ten-minute segment on energy and the interaction of a Feng Shui home with your life energy.

I thought it was pretty interesting from the standpoint that although Feng Shui is a lot more mainstream than it was when I was first introduced to it – this ancient Chinese art still needs to be prefaced with the good it can do for you.
The main speaker being interviewed on this segment was Marie Diamond and I feel they did a stand up job of conveying the overall offering of Feng Shui in your life. Marie Diamond was included in Rhonda Byrne’s book, The Secret. The book explains how to work with the premise of the law of attraction.
I am uploading the video for you to view and it moves pretty fast. However, I harken back to my readings of Dr. Sha who mentions diet and health in his health books but also includes Feng Shui for a home health life. Dr. Sha mentions Feng Shui as a complement to a healthy aligned lifestyle. I agree with him completely that Feng Shui without inclusion of proper diet and exercise of mind and body is like a puzzle with a missing piece.
This is most evident in the “prove it to me crowd”, with nose up and gufaagh laugh when given Feng Shui ideas of enhancing their sanctuary with pleasing art and furniture placement. It is the attitude of arms folded and mindful resistance to placing two birds in your love sector of your house will bring you love without any involvement on the participant’s part.
The good news is that even though you may be depressed while making those love enhancements, you will receive the beneficial energy you are expending on yourself. However, to rely on just Feng Shui you need to be reminded that according to the philosophers of ancient years,it only makes up 33% of your life results.
Including thoughts of thank you, thank you, and love, compassion, fighting your selfishness, and having so much fun as you journey through life practising your joy will exponentially increase your Feng Shui results.
Adding on diet and exercise will strengthen your mind as well and every day you will want to do better and better, and you will become stronger and make you available to open your door to be with the world.
My own life experience to date has shown good results when including the art of a mindful thought into my day.
Enjoy the video:
Have a beautiful day,
photo: ‘fresh air’ PKM

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