Earlier this year I took advantage of the opportunity to listen to and participate in an alumni tele-conversation with the Western School of Feng Shui. Liv Kelgren was hosting the live talk and was focusing on the main question: “who is your ideal client?”. It was actually very thought provoking, as her questions made you think when she asked the listening community, “Do you want to work with Interior Designers, maybe create your own specialty focus consulting, or perhaps even blending your existing business with your Feng Shui training.” I left the teleconference call really filled up with enthusiasm and gratitude for all I had accumulated in knowledge over the last decade of my journey.

It never ceases to amaze me that if you take the initiative to explore one door opening, serendipity kicks in and provides new thoughts and ideas and avenues to continue on with your initial seed of curiosity.

Not long after this event I clicked onto a video on Braveheartwomentv.com and watched Ellie Drake M.D., interviewing Kim Castle who is a branding expert. It was a lively, well-informed ten minute interview which I have included for you to view.
Kim and her partner Vito Montone, run a hugely successful company called brandu.com and their main goal is to help develop one million successful entrepreneurs.
Now how is that for a mission statement! They have created a business profit system for entrepreneurs that is available at any level of entry. This means you could be just coming from your kitchen table with an idea and not knowing how to form your dream empire, or be a highly functioning company that wants to take their vision to the next level.

They accomplish this by offering a system that runs a series of business filters so that even though you are accomplishing your business goals, your intention and intuitive self runs in line with your company profile and goals. They offer several business profit products and a blog through their website brandu.com. One of their products is a digital course, that is a three-section course 1.Power-Path, 2.Brand-Power, 3.Market-power. Take your time as you cruise through their website as there is a plethora of information and may well take more than one visit to digest it all.

Enjoy the video!

As I was mentioning at the beginning of this blog that serendipity has a way of showing you new directions, once your desire kicks in. After watching the braveheartwomentv.com video I also discovered that Kim Castle and Vito Montone are offering a free three video learning program that is part of their elite membership profile, Interprise Business Incubator program. This is a twelve month process that in all relativity is a laymans MBA. They have some amazing endorsements and even though you need to fill in your email for a instant access, watching these video’s are really life changing in how you view yourself in relationship to your dreams of being a entrepreneur.

Here is the link to the free 3 video presentation by Kim Castle and Vito Montone.Each video in the series is an hour long approx. and extremely success oriented.

Have a beautiful day,

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