I stopped in at Starbucks for a cup of brew the other day. With coffee in hand I found a nice seat and picked up a couple of the local publications to browse through. As I flipped through one magazine I noticed that Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha was in town offering three different events at The University of B. C. auditorium on soul study. The magazine that I picked up sat beside another local newspaper that had on the front page a picture of a salmon swimming in the water with a Vancouver skyline as the backdrop and the caption: “fukushima fallout”. I had to think for a moment to remember the nuclear reactor breakdown in Japan caused by the devastating tsunami. I then looked back at the front page again at the artists drawing and realized, with discomfort, that the fish in the picture had three eyes not two. Those living on the west coast of the North American continent have heard differing opinions as to what the exact level of radiation has drifted over to the west coast of Canada and U.S.A. through the water and the air from the fukushima nuclear plant fallout.

I opted to read about Master Sha and remind myself of the power of the capability and healing with our own soul energy. I had the honor of meeting Master Sha many years ago in Vancouver, B.C. I met him as an acupuncture patient back in 1996. Master Sha as far as I know now resides permanently in California. I never read the book I got from him. It was only many years later when I finally did read his book that I realized that he considered Feng Shui – a harmonious home and lifestyle, an important contribution to a healthy life. Now how is that for a ‘ah ha’ moment….

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha was trained as a doctor in western medicine and in traditional Chinese medicine. He received his M.D. in western medicine from Xian Medical College, Xian City, Shaanxi Province,China in 1983 and his Masters’ degree in Hospital Administration from the University of the Philippines, in Manila, in 1988.

A highly skilled acupuncturist, Master Sha taught acupuncture to Western doctors in Beijing for the World Health Organization in 1985 and 1986.

As the founder of the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment, he was named Qigong Master of the Year at the Fifth World congress on Qigong. Dr. Sha says, “Heal and transform the soul first: then healing and transformation of every aspect of life will follow. In 2006, Dr. Sha was granted the Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Commission Award for his humanitarian efforts.

I have a few books from Dr. Sha and every time I pick one up and read the different pages, I see the incredible value of his education and wisdom. Mostly though I feel his joy of being fully realized and that he is able to fulfill his calling in life.

Some people have very good Te, (virtue). Throughout their lives they have helped many people and contributed to the world. Their level of Te (virtue) is very high, but they can still be very sick. Why do they continue to suffer despite their great contributions to society? One of the important reasons is that they do not know how to talk with their souls and ask for soul healing.

To begin the process of communication with the soul world, you must first develop your vital energy and learn the correct techniques to open the door to your message centre. How long this process takes depends on your commitment to making it happen and on how much you practice. However, you cannot force development; let it happen naturally. The more you want this communication to happen, the longer it will take.

Developing Energy with Sitting-Style Dong Yi Gong

Sit comfortably to do Dong Yi Gong creative visualization exercises. Sit in the full-lotus or half-lotus position. This forms a closed circuit and the energy builds as it flows in and around you. A comfortable alternative is to sit cross-legged. If you are sitting in a chair, your feet should be flat on the ground, ankles and legs not crossed. Your back should not be touching the backrest.

Relax the whole body. Hold your hands tightly in the Special Zhi Neng Medicine Hand Posture. Place your hands against your lower abdomen. Touch the tip of your tongue to the upper palate to complete the energy circuit, and you are ready to begin the exercise.

Before you start you may want to read aloud the visualization descriptions. The discussions will give you a better idea of what the exercises are meant to do. Be creative and open-minded. Let your body flow with the experiences. Do not be surprised if you feel it responding as you do these exercises. If you start laughing, crying, shaking, or experiencing a hot, cold or tingly feeling, this simply means that your body energy is changing and developing. The following sitting-style exercises will help you to stimulate your potential brain cells and sensitize your body to receiving messages from the universe.

Special Zhi Neng Medicine Hand Position: Close the right hand over the left thumb and make fist. Close the fingers of the left hand over the right hand and rest the underside of both hands against the lower abdomen. This hand position is important for developing energy, for healing, and for communicating with the soul world.

Begin and enjoy.


Visualize an ocean inside your lower abdomen.

The water is clear.

The sun is warm.

The view is gorgeous!

Breathe deeply. Feel the energy.

The tide laps gently, from left to right.

The breeze flows, swirling left to right.

Waves are lapping. The wind picks up. Dark clouds.
Waves chop – slapping. Whitecaps foam. Wind howwwlls!
Wha! Wha! Wooo! WhoooOSH! WHOOSHHH!!

The whole ocean is churning, boiling, raging!!
Waves are smashing! Thunder roars!

Slowly the wind dies

the rain tapers

sky clears





Discussion: Close your eyes and picture the sea in your lower abdomen. Do other images fly to your mind? For example, in addition to the ocean, do you see things like a ship, or dolphins at play? If the images are very clear, you are tapping into the intuitive portion of your brain, which is also used for communication with the soul world. You have gone beyond logical thinking, where the conscious mind is in control.

Relax and feel the energy of the ocean come to you. Feel the waves washing over you. Be a drop of ocean in a wave. Feel the power of the ocean and the warmth of the sun. The ocean nourishes you with its yin energy; the sun nourishes you with yang energy.

As the storm rises and the calm sea turns into a raging typhoon, yin decreases and yang increases. When the storm passes over and the ocean dies down, yang decreases and yin increases.

Visualizing the raging sea in your abdomen stimulates various organs, making their cells vibrate more vigorously. Cell vibration increases, radiating intense energy and generating stronger fields. This strengthens the organs and energy centres in your lower abdomen.

Repeat the exercise many times to reinforce the strong Yin/Yang contrast in this visualization.

My personal reaction to this particular workout is one of getting off an amusement ride at the fair, thinking it was going to be a lot more tamer than it actually turned out to be.
I always have a huge inhale and exhale everytime at the end of this creative yin/yang workout ride.

You may wonder how this exercise relates to my inspiration for this posting. This is how I see it. The planet has problems with pollution and devastating natural and man made disasters. That is a fact that I have no control over. What I do have control over is the development of my soul. It is something I can participate in. Sometimes I wonder if everyone tried on healing their inner self that healthier decisions would be the by product and we would be the recipients of a healthier planet.

Have a beautiful day,

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