The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you,
don’t go back to sleep – you must ask for
what you really want; don’t go back to sleep.


In 2007 Oprah interviewed Eckhart Tolle who is the author of several self awakening books. The book that Oprah talked with Eckhart about was from her book club, A New Earth. Oprah mentioned that it was Meg Ryan who gave her this unique gift of a book for her to read.

I had read this book just a few months prior and I found that it had some very interesting elements. Oprah hosted a seven class program where she discussed the book in the way that Eckhart Tolle had wanted it to be heard. I just happened to be available and was able to take in the classes with Oprah and Eckhart.

The thing I found interesting about this book was Eckharts explanation about how to take the time to observe your emotions rather than being in a reactionary state to them. This was explained through different stories to inspire you. Take a moment within your day and look in on your situation and give yourself space to observe what you are going through. The book mentioned many things that many of us already know, but threaded throughout were some noteworthy ways to look at your life, on a day to day basis. Eckhart also recommended that the book was geared for people upwards of thirty years old. He commented that people in their twenties had not accumulated enough life history to be able to get as much out of the New Earth material to the same degree as an older person.

I flashed on that in my memory as I was watching the Jack Canfield and Jessica Ortner video on your soul’s purpose and EFT, emotional freedom technique. Jessica Ortner is clearly a young woman in her twenties and she was interviewing Jack on how he used “tapping” or EFT to release emotional blocks from his life. She also mentioned that she was introduced to emotional freedom technique when she was seventeen years old. Jack Canfield talked about using EFT daily as a tool to remove emotional obstacles that would show up in ways that kept him from success that he was reaching for.

I have included the video for you to view below, it is lengthy at thirty two minutes but there are some nuggets to make it worth your time.

The thread that weaves between these two men is they reveal that it is actually their daily practice of self love that is the key. Whether it is through the mindfulness of Eckhart Tolle and creating inner space or Jack Canfields focus on your soul purpose and using EFT as a tool, both speak of a daily ritual as their theme. When you first listen to them speak you hear in your mind the word healing. This is true but when you listen further you see that they both talk of the healing being like a muscle that needs to be developed. It takes a commitment and practice for these modalities and approaches to the mind to work.

It has been my own experience that this is true. When I slack off from living up to my highest inner self, I start to hurt in a sort of vague unexplained way. I then take the time to ask myself some questions, like hmm… what is that emotion all about-and start to unweave the puzzle. The only way to explain it is to liken it to exercising a muscle, the more you do it, the better you feel because you are not at the steps of your own head. We all have to find our own way to work with these many tools that are being offered for the taking, but they all require your participation. The question is what collection of self awareness tools work for you.

As Noah St. John would say, “what “why” question do you have to release you to your next level?”

hope you enjoy the video.

Have a beautiful day,

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