I was in the local drug store, if that is what you can really call them these days. I mean there is a pharmacy in the store, but you can also buy assorted groceries, makeup, a DVD player with a 7” screen, and all-occasion cards. I went to purchase some Valentines Day cards, and in the group of my prized collection was a card with a lucky charm on the front and when you opened it, music blared out a love song and I just howled with laughter. It was the best of the bunch.

I really had a lot of fun choosing the cards that collectively put together some loving thoughts that I was sure would create a smile – if just for a moment-in some very dear friends and loved ones’ lives. I also picked up a few sundries as well and made my way to the line-up at the checkout counter. I felt good.

The place was packed, you know how that goes – one time you are in the store and nobody is there, and at other times it seems like everyone had the same idea at exactly the same time that they needed something and today was that kind of day. The check out guy yelled an offering that people who were not buying cigarettes or lotto tickets were invited to go to the makeup counter to purchase their goods.

I looked around. There were two lines and not one person moved. I thought to myself, are all these people smokers and gamblers? I also made a note to myself that the Friday lotto was two days away, and I had plenty of time to gamble for my own winning ticket. Tonight I was savouring my Valentines cards and wanted to get home to write in them and mail them off.

Wow, I thought – I guess I will take my armful of goods to the makeup counter then.

The makeup counter was twenty feet away from the line, and you could see it clearly. a I skipped right over and placed my bounty of love on the counter, and smiled at the girl behind the counter.

“Hi there” I said.

She smiled back at me and replied, “are you the next person in the line?” I squinted my eyes, while thinking to myself and turning my head all in one poetic motion, I asked myself the obvious question: was there someone standing behind me? Was I so caught up in buying my Valentine’s cards that I cut someone off at the register?

I turned my head around to look behind me, and there was nobody there. I was the only person standing at the counter.

I looked back at the clerk, and said:“theres nobody here but me.” She glared back at me and quipped, “What’s your point?” “Are you the next person in line?” I tilted my head sideways, feeling like I was in a Saturday Night live skit, but I was the only one invited to watch the insanity of this special moment. I didn’t say anything.
The clerk rang me through, scrutinized my card which seemed like forever – and as I tried to say thank you, she threw in a “yeah you have a nice day too.”

That moment kind of shadowed my Valentine’s card writing party. You all know there’s really just as much fun in the giving as in the receiving – maybe more actually. That situation got me thinking about all the people in the world that are challenged with unhappy days.
We all have them and for some the chaos can be more overwhelming than we can imagine.
A few days later I was offered a wonderful gem, a true nugget of wisdom from Oprah Winfrey on her show. This invited me to reflect on how love and forgiveness are so intertwined.

This is what Oprah said; “Forgiveness is giving up all hope that the past could have been any different”.

I took this statement myself and applied it to every single hurt I could remember, and said Oprah’s forgiveness (or loving phrase I refer to it now) statement for each one that came up. I had a really remarkably peaceful, freeing experience using this application and I wanted to share it. It is really coming from a place of deep love and acceptance and I just wanted to say thanks Oprah! I get it. Thank you very much for showing us how to let go.

As a final Valentine’s well wish, since I cannot put a card on this posting I have grouped together some of my favorite good news sites for you to treat yourself to a happy Valentine’s thought for yourself.






Happy Valentines Day! Some bunny loves you…..

Have a beautiful day,


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