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Last November 2010 I won $1000 in the lottery. With my birthday in early December I indulged myself on a bit of a walkabout with some inner awakening courses. Being a creative entrepreneur with a signature collection of inspirational jewelry I champion myself to be the best I can be.

When I watched President Obama’s State of the Union Address; he used the phrase “information age” which really caught my attention. I have found this to be true on a level of personal development that is definitely a movement in magnitude. Never have words of the most quoted peace statements rung more true, for example: “Be the change you wish to see” by Mahatma Gandhi. With the added tool of the computer and the Internet, information can be disseminated and shared at twice the speed of the conventional distribution channels of the eighties and nineties.

I remember buying tickets to hear Scott Peck M.D. speak, weeks if not months in advance of his book, A Road Less Traveled, in 1993. This is so not the case anymore. In December of 2010 I signed up for a free telesummit of “Masters in the field of clarity”. The event was hosted by Radha Conrad, a Jungian trained psychologist who lives in Maui, Hawaii.

There were sixteen presentations in total, each interview was an hour long and I made the time to catch all of them. It was so cool. I loved it, loved it. It took me back to the eighties and nineties when my friends and I would sit in a deli or at dinner parties and talk and hypothesize on the latest books. Everyones point of view was embraced. For those that were fortunate enough to make the time to socialize, a lot of happy times were created.

Now in 2011 all I have to do is sit down, click a button on my keypad and while sitting in my living room listen to a live interview of Radha Conrad. I recognized none of the presenters names, and that is why I took the time to listen to what they had to say and what programs or books they were sharing with the subscribers on the telesummit. What I discovered was a plethora of current ideas and systems and the love, love, love of sharing their discoveries of how we can live a happier healthier life, today-now.

O.K. so I spent more than I planned of my lottery winnings, for my birthday present to myself and signed up to work with two presenters works which are as follows;

With Radha Conrad I am just in the midst of a six-week course of working through and identifying limiting belief patterns where they stem from, how to release them and rehabituate the mind, body and soul to walk in rhythm with each other. Every call starts with Radha saying “Aloha, Radha here from Maui”. Make no mistake Radha is a highly skilled psychotherapist and wades into such deep realms of the psyche to retrieve and enlighten a person that is most humbling. I am so honored to listen to her and to have been in contact with someone who has dedicated her life to helping the emotionally lost and suffering. Good stuff….
Her website displays her impressive education and her dedication to her work with the mental health associations of Hawaii. Her website is www.lifemasteryskills.


Noah St. John Ph.D presentation of Afformations® and his work with re-wording the way that we ask ourselves empowering questions was my other course birthday present to myself. Noah’s course was a combination of online writings and audio programs. I actually finished Noah’s e-class in December, and spent several days almost sleepless because I was so excited about his work. Noah’s interview explained how to ask our subconscious empowering questions and the results in his book The Secret Code of Success, are life changing. I am so inspired to be working with my present affirmations and re-working them with the simple word why? that morphs them into an afformation® You can actually turn his book into your own workbook answer the questions and participate in the exercises in your own space and time. I personally flagged all the chapters and then flagged the exercises with a different colored flag and worked with the information in the book in that way.
Noah’s website is www.successclinic.com

Here are my musings ~

If you visit my product line you will see 9 focus life paths. These are Feng Shui inspired and with the added enlightment of afformations, my mindful thought product is elevated to a new level. I am so excited. Creative with a purpose – beauty & fashion with a purpose. I will be working up positive empowering questions to compliment each focus path, as soon as I can settle down from the excitement of my walkabout.

Just to tempt you try this thought on. “What is your question that can release you to your next level?”

The most insightful information to share with you that I gained through this telesummit of Clarity, is that inner work without action is just that. Inner work. The complete cycle is to work through your self-limiting thought, and dissolve the pattern. Then, invite new energy and act upon it within your life patterns, is one complete action. The inner work is just half of the action.

In Feng Shui terms my first advice for the New Year is clear the clutter off your desk. Ask yourself these questions… Why do I need this? Why do I use this? Why do I have this? This is a physical action. The inner work in relation to this would be the desire to enhance your career. You could in addition work with a focal point word and afformation. This would benefit you by making your subconscious available to seize and act upon opportunities.

Why am I good enough to IMAGINE all that can be with my career?

The year of the metal rabbit is just a few days away, and it is a wonderful year for learning,

and succeeding…

you should be excited,

good news is on the way.

So, speaking metaphorically I have been a bit of a dolphin heading out to the dark blue water to do some investigating. I share with you these discoveries that inspire my own personal journey and for your own awakening, and to introduce you to some really amazing noteworthy people.

Have a beautiful day,

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  1. i saw your blog and shop and you make beautiful inspirational jewelry. keep it up!

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