Every once in a while I am inspired to expound upon the wisdom of “The Secret” and all of the good thoughts that author Rhonda Byrne shares. I think that it would be really wonderful to meld together fashion pieces that are exceptionally beautiful, current & hip (yes I am including charm jewelry into that mix) and actually works for a better life of enjoyment at the same time. Lofty thinking there I know.

My attention was again drawn to “The Secret” where I remember reading a posting by Dr. Lee Pulos about the idea of “Affirmations”. Most recently I was happily introduced to the latest works of Noah St. John Ph.D and his work with Afformations® and his very cool interpretation of working with the focus on your intentions.

In the following read thru by Dr. Lee Pulos I am excerpting from his site, He talks about the origins or rather the inspiration of material for the well known book The Secret.

I am writing this as a two part posting with the intention of laying the ground work of Affirmations and how they can be threaded into working with Afformations®.

So here goes, to start with Dr. Lee Pulos from his blog posting:

Beyond the Secret/Dr. Pulos~

One of the most successfully popularized and widely read books that offers the attainment of whatever you wish for – financial abundance, the ideal mate or whatever other hallmarks of successful life is contained in The Secret by author Rhonda Bryne.
The key concept in The Secret is the law of attraction, which states simply that “like attracts like”. Each of us vibrates at a specific frequency giving off waves of mental energy and intent that are like a psychic magnet, attracting back into the here and now whatever the content of our mental broadcast may have been.

The Secret
is based upon the Hermetic philosophy which traces back almost five thousand years to ancient Egypt. Some of the Hermetic principles were later integrated into the belief systems of the major religions including Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Paganism and Christianity.

In 1912, an anonymous group of initiates with ties to the Masonic Temple in Chicago published The Kybalian, which incorporated many of the principles of Hermetic philosophy.

Physicist Sir James Jean often stated, “The universe is simply a giant thought.” That is, in the quantum domain, there is a subtle, fundamental field of energy and information – or energized awareness that interconnects all things. In addition, everything in the universe and our world is in constant vibration and that with intention and mental alchemy, one can create and transmute the subtle energy to attract a desired outcome or goal. Implicit in The Secret as in the Hermetic teachings is the law of attraction.

However, simply thinking about abundance or attracting a loving relationship and believing you will attract it is not sufficient in most cases. One must look back and utilize the ancient teachings of the Hermeticists of meditation, prayer, invocation, alchemy along with the practices of other spiritual traditions to chart the navigation to your goals.

But, what are the secrets of embracing the power of creation? The core and secret of all manifestation is just three words: desire, expectation and imagination. All people in the world, whether you are a London bus driver, a San Francisco ballerina or Donald Trump all utilize the same three energies for achieving one’s goals or dreams.

The first key to opening the door of manifestation is that you must have a burning desire of an almost overpowering intensity of what you want. The emotion must be so strong that you feel it in your gut and in your whole body. Experience the power and energy of your desire but stop short or before the line of desperation and panic.

Many of us have experienced the constricting emotions of anger, fear, hopelessness, shame and frustration. There are no limits however, to the expanding emotions of wonder, ecstasy, excitement, joy and love. The strong positive emotions of desire can be evoked by using memory as a kind of hook. Look back into your past to some time when you felt the expansive emotions of an experience. Use memory to identify that situation, then in your mind leave the context behind but bring the emotion into the present and attach it to your goal. Amplify the emotion so that it becomes the driving motivating force, the fuel to ignite the “fire in the belly of the beast”. Even Plato recognized the importance of desire – which in his words, “must drive the soul with a reigned in craziness”.

The second key is expectation and it must be totally honest. Many people will say they expect one thing or a certain outcome but do not really mean it. Perhaps, based on past experience of “almost” attaining a goal, but not quite, there must be an old limiting belief in their subconscious that will create a cross-current, a stumbling block and “almost” is the outcome.

Expectation awakens the slumbering giant – the subconscious – which then leads to our behavior becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Yet, oddly enough, some people are encouraged to lower their expectations so they will not be disappointed. However, your expectation, of course, almost ensures you won’t succeed. What athlete says, “I don’t really expect to win” – those who don’t win – a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The third key or tool for achieving goals or changing beliefs is imagination – which along with desire and expectation creates the imagery, the mental movies of success. Mentally rehearsing in as much detail as possible is breathing life into your goal – your new program for change – your optimal future. Metaphorically, it is laying down neurological tracks in your brain reinforced by desire, expectation and the visual richness of mental movies.

The art of manifestation is therefore, like a perpetual motion machine. The more you desire, imagine and expect – the more desire, imagination and expectancy you will have. Just as the best way to get love is to give love. The more love you give, the more love you receive.

~ Are you still with me?

After I read this post of Dr. Pulos of course I googled Kybalian to see if this was really some secret. The site is actually quite detailed and immediately shares with the visitor (that would be me) that the articles are of public domain.

I found the Kybalian site a little deep in reading, so I visited Wikipedia to get the “readers digest version” which I have to say I quite enjoyed as I could get through the material and overall concept a lot faster.

To refresh your memory this blog posting is a two parter leading to Noah St. John’s work with Afformations®, and I feel this background information will help the reader (that will be you) flow through to assimilate working with Affirmations and Afformations®.

Here are the two sites to visit:



I am so grateful for the work of “The Secret” and to think what a huge undertaking it was to wade through all those writings to package the idea/concept down to something that could be used by so many to empower day-to-day lives with positive thinking.

So again this set up is kind of like learning the piano. You get the basics with Affirmations and then you can play different styles of music. That is how I feel about Noah St. John’s work with Afformations® and how basically the sky’s the limit for empowerment.

Stay tuned for the next posting on Afformations®

Have a beautiful day,

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