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I can be the type of person that gets so excited that I run straight ahead with an idea and then have to backtrack to pick up the dropped pieces because I am a detail person as well.
I have found that affirmation charms work by allowing me to take eight seconds (check in time) to breath deeply and come back into the present. I then touch my charm and when I have done this several times in a row, the “thought” is locked in and then all I have to do is take a inhale and exhale and then touch my charm and skip having to say the affirmation. This is a well- known NLP (neuro linguistic programming) anchoring technique.

(note*This post is the second of a two part posting on affirmations versus afformations®. The previous post is the lay work of affirmations and this entry is on afformations® and how the two can work together).

I have worked with this concept for a while now and I quite like it. After reading Noah St. John’s latest book offering however, The Secret Code of Success , however I have a brand new twist on how I am working with affirmations. Noah St. John’s Afformations® (actually a word that he created no less), is a very simple concept and is explained by Noah St. John in the following way:

What is an “affirmation”? An affirmation is a positive statement of something you’d like to be true in your life.

What is an “afformation®”? An afformation is a positive question that triggers the mind to search for an answer to your question.

“The word “affirmation” comes from the Latin “firmare”, which means “to make firm”.
“The word “form” comes from the Latin “formare”, which means “to form or give shape to”.

Let me continue with excerpts from Noah St. John’s book: The Secret Code of Success

“Your mind has what you might call an Automatic Search Function, which means that when you ask yourself a question, your mind automatically begins to search for an answer. (Psychologists have referred to this function of the human brain as the “embedded presupposition factor.”)

The greatest teachers throughout history have taught the truth of the statement, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” This is often called The Law of Sowing and Reaping (Emerson called it “First Law”) or The Law of Attraction, which means that what you focus on (the thought-seeds you continually plant) will grow and bear fruit.

Your thoughts are seeds that you plant every minute of every day, whether you know it or not.

This is such an important part for me that I had a huge “ah ha” moment and here is the gem:

“Your subconscious mind responds to questions”.

Positive conscious statements (affirmations) are not questions.

It is so much easier to overcome negative beliefs using empowering questions than positive statements.

Try this affirmation on : “I am rich”
Now, try this afformation® out: “Why am I rich”? better still “Why am I so happy being so rich”?

Empowering vs. Disempowering questions:

Another excerpt from “The Secret Code of Success”
Most people unknowingly ask negative, disempowering questions – and are wondering why they’re not getting the results they dream of. The ultimate result of asking disempowering questions – whether conscious or not – Is that you manifest what you focus on. In other words, when you ask negative questions, you get negative results.
These questions are like: “Why am I such a loser?”

Empowering questions = the right questions:

Empowering questions cause your mind to focus on what you have vs. what you lack. Asking empowering questions leads to feelings of self-esteem and a positive self-image-because your mind automatically begins to focus on what’s RIGHT about you, instead of what’s wrong with you. Empowering questions, therefore lead directly to answers that tell the truth about Who You Really Are.
Change your disempowering questions to empowering questions. Simply reverse the negative questions to positive. For example:
Disempowering question – “Why am I such a loser?”
Empowering question – “Why am I such a success?”

The purpose of Afformations is to change your disempowering questions to empowering questions.

By doing this, you will gain conscious control of the thought-seeds you’re planting…
which will, through the Law of Attraction, change your life.

Stories of success are threaded throughout the book: My favorite is of a 13 year old girl who was a compulsive and chronic worrier. Her mother taught the young girl how to use afformations and what questions would make the most difference in her life.

These were her questions:
“Why am I worry-free?”
“Why do I enjoy a full night’s sleep?”
“Why do I put my trust in God’s hands?”
“Why do all my friends love me?”
“Why do I love me?”

The Mother happily reported that her daughter became happier, more relaxed and seemed to be at peace in her own skin. This Mother went on to say the afformations improved her own business and she started sharing afformations with everyone she met. When her husband told her that he wasn’t passionate about his work, his wife began afforming,
“Why is the right calling come to Scott?”
You guessed it, within weeks he landed a dream job.

Your life is a reflection of the thought-seeds you plant and give energy to. Your life is a reflection of the unconscious assumptions you make about life and your relationship to it.
For example if you grew up in an environment where there wasn’t a lot of money, and were made aware that the lack of money was the cause of unhappiness, you may as a adult be asking yourself unconscious negative questions:
If you’ve been unknowingly asking, “Why don’t I have enough?”
~the answer will appear as your lack in life.
If you’ve been unconsciously asking, “Why am I so unhappy?”
~ you’ll get the answer as your unhappy life.

Reverse the negative questions: “Why am I so happy?” and “Why do I have enough?”.

“The quality of your life depends on just two things: the quality of your communication with the world inside yourself, and the quality of the your communication with the world outside yourself”.

Begin to ask yourself empowering questions, and stop asking yourself negative, disempowering questions.

Using this method: Ask yourself, “Why is (what you want) true in my life now?”
By using this example you would ask yourself, “Why am I so happy, healthy, and wealthy?”
You can fine Noah St. John, at www.successclinic.com and on facebook at www.noahnation.com

~Are you still with me?

This is a lot to take in, I realize, but it is really exciting. Try taking your affirmations as they exist right now and re-word them with a “Why” at the front of them.

For example:
Why do I have what it takes to succeed?
Why do I have the courage to do what I love?
Why do I enjoy so much success?
Why do I so easily see my own worth and value?
Why am I so respected in my work and life?
Why am I so willing to give love a chance?
Why am I safe to love and be loved?
Why am I so grateful that I’m so healthy?

By working with your affirmations and re working them into afformations (forming sense) it is a brand new set of perimeters, namely, the sky is the limit.

Personally, I am taking my own affirmation charms which are beautiful and hip and adding a brand new “why” spin onto them…..

Have a beautiful day,

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  1. Hi Rena: Noah St. John here, the inventor of Afformations and author you quoted in your article.

    Thank you very much for the post. I’m delighted you’re enjoying Afformations and my book.

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    Hope this helps you, too. Keep me posted!

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