I am writing my Thanksgiving “Things I love Thursday” with gratitude for great friends and loving family. I thank Gala Darling for creating this Thursday venue of gratefulness.
I really enjoy encouraging happiness in thoughts. This train of thought oddly takes me straight back in my memory to being a nineteen year old and being very depressed. I had emptied my bank account and bought a plane ticket to Sun Valley Idaho from my home here in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. I was trying to run away from the sadness of my broken heart. I love the charm of Sun Valley Idaho and was so content to find a motel right at the bottom of the hill. I didn’t know anybody and planned to stay till my money ran out. I just wanted to ski. Skiing has always been a great source of freedom for me. The intensity and pleasure of focusing on the immediate mogul or terrain takes me out of my hamster wheel thoughts.

The snow in Sun Valley is so light and fluffy and the powder on this visit was just perfect knee deep and well it was dreamy. Except, I was lonely. I mean I didn’t have anyone to talk to.

There was a group of skiers that was returning the same time as me through the chair lift lot area. An elderly gentleman from the group must have sensed something in me because he approached me and asked how my runs were for the day. I was so relieved that someone wanted to talk to me. The group he was with was comprised of advanced level skiers including search and rescue or ski patrol from around the country with the unified vision of teaching the blind to ski. They were developing a course using the group’s knowledge to teach others how to aid the blind in enjoying the great outdoors.

They were going skiing the next day and asked if I wanted to join them. I said excitedly yes. The next morning came so fast, and I met up with the group. The gentleman who had invited me talked with me over lunch at the mountain top. That beautiful view of the sun and blue sky is still etched in my mind. He asked what I was doing in Sun Valley all by myself. I told him I was trying to save myself from totally losing my mind in sadness.

He shared with me that everyone in that group had experienced great sadness and said this to me “when you have a pain in your life – find something to have a purpose bigger than you”. .

That was a life changing day. Those skiers and their vision forever changed my vision of how I viewed life.

Happy Thanksgiving America!

Have a beautiful day,

Photo: “mountain & lake” PKM




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