We all want to be happy. I was in conversation with a friend about this last week and we talked about different avenues to the “feeling” of contentment. He mentioned that EFT was a very effective tool for him and has had good results with it. EFT which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique I was personally introduced to EFT by Dr. Lee Pulos back in 1996 but I didn’t realize that it had become so widely recognized. I still find that Inspirational Jewelry has a place in the “feel” good department and can compliment the work of EFT quite nicely.

An easier way to explain this for me personally is “Meridian Tapping”. Gary Craig is most widely known for this technique along with Roger Callahan who pioneered the early days of literally “tapping” the meridian points on the body to permanently release emotional pain.

I googled EFT and came upon a website called The Tapping Solution that has a free e-book that you can download with the explanation of how to do this very simple modality.

I find it interesting that this tapping technique on the meridian points is linked back to Chinese acupuncture points. I guess it’s only about 4000-5000 years old then.

Here is an excerpt from the introduction of The Tapping Solution by Nicolas Ortner.

“The body, like everything in the universe, is composed of energy. Restore balance to the body’s energy, and you will mend the negative emotions and physical symptoms that stem from the energy disruption. Meridan Tapping restores the body’s energy balance, and negative emotions are conquered.

The basic technique requires you to focus on the negative emotion at hand: a fear or anxiety, a bad memory, an unresolved problem, or anything that’s bothering you. While maintaining your mental focus on this issue, use your fingertips to tap 5-7 times each on 9 of the body’s meridian points. Tapping on these meridian points – while concentrating on accepting and resolving the negative emotion – will access your body’s energy, restoring it to a balanced state.

You may be wondering about these meridians. Put simply, energy circulates through your body along a specific network or channels. You can tap into this energy at any point along the system.

This concept comes from the doctrines of traditional Chinese medicine, which referred to the body’s energy as “ch’i.” In ancient times, the Chinese discovered 100 meridian points. They also discovered that by stimulating these meridian points, they could heal. Call it energy, call it the Source, call it life force, or call it ch’i.. Whatever you want to call it, it works!

In some ways, Meridian Tapping is similar to acupuncture. Like Tapping, acupuncture achieves healing through stimulating the body’s meridians and energy flow. However, unlike Meridian Tapping, acupuncture involves needles! “No needles” is definitely one of the advantages of Tapping.

Meridian Tapping is simple and painless. It can be learned by anyone. You can apply it to yourself, whenever you want, wherever you are. It can be used with specific emotional intent towards your own unique life challenges and experiences. Most importantly, it gives you the power to heal yourself, putting control over your destiny back into your own hands”. ~

As I was flipping through the e-book, it brought back to me in a flash how to use this system and it really is (with a little thinking- to be honest) a widely used system now.

Here is a video link of Jessica Ortner taking you step by step through the points. Don’t be confused by the introduction of “tapping world summit” as that happened earlier this year of 2010.


I noticed on the The Tapping Solution site that Carol Look, Ph.D has combined Meridian Tapping and The Law of Attraction. When I linked to her site she has as an offer of her book Attracting Abundance with EFT.

I am feeling better just sharing this information with you, however it is the biggest shopping sale day of the year and that is just what I am going to do. Go shopping.

Have a beautiful day,

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