I have joined the wonderful inspiration of Gala Darling and created “Things I love Thursday”. I enjoy Gala’s blog for her pretty writings. I applaud her idea to inspire us to jump in and share the warm waters of happiness in thoughts… which takes me straight to my next thought which is a pool in Acapulco and the charm of being able to swim up to the bars edge and sit on a lovely seat in the pools water. The view is of Acapulco’s bay, and the name of the private club is Via Vera and quite simply the best tasting marguerita I have ever had in my life. October 1975

I am actually giddy with delight of things I love Thursday, but really I could write about things I love everyday of the week.

• being calm in the midst of uncertainty, my neighbours new kitten with the flat face and white snowpuff fur, breathing in through my nose and click on a happy thought in my mind and then whoosh exhale with a big aahh sigh, love the “high” of that feeling-never gets old.

• barefeet on hardwood floors, barefeet in sandy sand, barefeet in a warm tub while getting a pedicure. barefeet in nice sheets, barefeet on a perfect cool lawn. barefeet in deerhide moccasins. barefeet on a cool marble floor in a hot climate.

• My barefeet in my fuzzy sheep slippers as I write this hearing the rain tap outside on the window. A painting bought from a street artist vendor that brings me great pleasure every glance I give it. Its an original acrylic of the white foam of water as it pulls off the rocks back into the ocean. The transaction happened in less then ten minutes and I have this beautiful reminder of the greatness and gentleness of the earths water. I love this painting….I pray the artist is having a warm night and be blessed with more beautiful views to paint.

Have a beautiful day,

Photo: PKM



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