I will never forget my first paying Feng Shui consultation. It was September 2000, and a colleague that I was working with referred me to a friend of hers who was trying to sell her townhouse. It was a bright sunny day, as I drove and listened to some nice tunes in my car for my 9 a.m. appointment. No one on the road (I thought to myself) and then out of nowhere a black mustang car smashes into my driver’s side door. As it turns out it was a car dealer showing a perspective client, a brand new model car, until they hit me that is.

I climbed out of the passenger side door (unscathed) and looked at the damage. My car door, well you couldn’t open it and the mirror was just dangling and the front left tire looked a little wobbly. I remember saying to those two men in the mustang, “I don’t have time for this right now” I am a Feng Shui designer and I am on my way to an appointment. They both looked at each other, their heads tilted like “she’s a fruitcake” I could feel them thinking. “Lets trade insurance notes,” I continued, “and I will come and see you after my appointment.” With that I got in my car and drove off to my Feng Shui consultation.

It was a little embarrassing to have to climb out of the passenger door to go knock on the front door. Anyways, the client had been trying to sell her condo townhome for several months with no offers and wanted to know what I thought. I walked through her space and gave a verbal audit of her home and what had to happen to make it more “buy me” friendly. Most of this involved moving the Feng Shui aspects of her furniture and overall Redesigning the room.

I explained how the subconscious symbolism of Feng Shui would change the energy of her sanctuary and create a psychologically healthier space. I remember her looking at me with wide eyes, and I could see everything was going over her head and she was not absorbing the information. My work colleague who gave me the referral was there as well and I looked at the both of them and said. “Well, if you two are up for it, why don’t we just move everything right now while I am here.” So we did.

As we were finishing up my client said, “is this what you normally do?” I answered “no not normally” but it was a lot of fun to feel the energy shift right at the moment. I also recall her saying. “You should do this as your own style.” “Yeah, but how do I explain it”? Decorate with Feng Shui? It wasn’t just Feng Shui or “just” decorating. I thanked her for sharing her home with me most humbly and left to go find the car salesman who drove me off my path, or did he?

I had been using my signature style of Feng Shui and then in the fall of 2007 I received an invitation from my alumni The Western School of Feng Shui, to take a course in Interior Redesign with Feng Shui. I had never heard of Redesign before and researched Interior Redesign and Home Staging and discovered two organizations that were affiliated but hosted in Canada and the U.S.A. The U.S.A. organization IRIS “Interior Redesign Industry Specialists” and the Canadian counterpart is CRDA, Canadian Redesigners Association.

The Western School of Feng Shui was hosting Mary Dennis and I have heard such great things about her as a Feng Shui Interior Designer and her school “Graceful Lifestyles”. I could not make it down to San Diego to attend that course because of my life schedule.

I met with Val Sharp who was the founder of the Canadian Redesigners Association, and took her course, which was well, a total blast. Thanks Val.

Working with these two approaches Feng Shui & Redesign together- is a lot of fun and very rewarding for the client. By using reliable Redesign principles, and the wisdom of Feng Shui you can enjoy the balance and flow of your space that looks and feels amazing.

Happy Feng Shui trails,

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