I met Clinical Psychologist Dr. Lee Pulos at a lecture he gave here in Vancouver in the mid 1990s which centered around the behavioural DNA coding we are all born with. There was a visiting researcher from Colorado that did the presentation with Dr. Pulos that showed evidence that we have the ability to change the coding on a cellular level to enhance our lives. All these years later I never forgot that lecture and I see the value in working with affirmation charms as a way to focus on our future more than ever.

I was fortunate enough to have some private sessions with Dr. Lee Pulos and it was back then through Lee that I first heard of Qigong. I will talk about my personal positive experiences with this valuable knowledge system on another post.

I was just thinking about all of the above, and googled Dr. Pulos and was really happy to see he has a website. He is a highly educated, well traveled, kind soul who speaks with years of wisdom on his side.

I am sharing an excerpt from his website: drpulos.com. and highly recommend you visit his site.

“Mysteries and Secrets of Manifestation”:

One of the oldest and most spiritual cultures that goes back over 3000 years is the Huna or Kahuna philosophy of Hawaii and Polynesia. Huna means Secret and the fundamental idea in Huna philosophy is that we each create our own personal experience of reality by our beliefs, interpretations, thoughts and feelings-and that we are creating and are co-creators with the universe itself. Huna is all about learning to do that consciously.

Dr. Serge King is a Psychologist, author and was initiated into the esoteric order of the Kahunas by his father at the age of fourteen. In his book, “Mastering your Hidden Self” – “a Guide to the Huna Way” – he summarized the essence of the Kahuna philosophy.

The 1st. principle is that: The world is what you think it is and this is the cornerstone of the Huna. It means essentially that you create your personal experience of reality through your beliefs, expectations, attitudes, judgements, desires, fears and persisting thoughts and actions.

The 2nd principle: There are no limits- there are no real boundaries between you and your body – you and other people – you and the world – you and God. Separation is a useful illusion – We are all one and connected with all that is.

The 3rd principle: Energy flows where attention goes. Your thoughts and feelings form the blueprint for manifesting into your life – the closest possible experience equivalent to those feelings.

The 4th principle: Now is the moment of power. You are not bound by the past – nor by any perception of the future. You have the power in the now to change limiting beliefs and consciously plant seeds for a future of your choosing.

The 5th principle: To love is to be happy. The universe exists because of love. Humans exist because of love – even when they don’t acknowledge it. In Huna, love involves the creation of happiness. Love is the only ethic needed in Huna.

The 6th principle: All love comes from within. There is no power outside of you because the power of God – or the universe works through you – in your life. You are an active channel for that power.

The 7th princple: Effectiveness is the measure of truth. In an absolute universe – which Huna assumes – there cannot be an absolute truth. Instead, each truth must be effective for you. Any organization or system of knowledge is seen as convenient – not factual. Another way of saying that – is all systems – schools or philosophies are arbitrary – so feel free to use what works.

Following is one of the sonnets from the book “Ano Ano” – The Seed”, by Author Kristen Zambucka – an interperter of Huna. It is called:

“Ho’ Ano – (Making the seed)”

“Form a clear unwavering picture in your mind…of the condition or object you desire.

Be very careful of the details of your picture for the subconscious mind that will receive it is sharply accurate…and you will get that exact replica of what you envisage.

Forget the old condition entirely…let it fall away from your mind.

Clearly see the new desired state.

Paint the picture carefully inside your head…and resist any changing of your mind.

Act then as if you have already received the condition for which you asked.

Feel it already upon you with the love or joy or whatever emotion you would experience as if it were so.

Act it out.

For this subconscious mind of which we speak…this “unihipili”…is like a child.

It loves pictures and will respond also to any emotional surge you project to it.

Daily thereafter gather mana by taking four breaths and offer it as a gift to God within you.

Then after this offering each day, recall the “seed picture” of your desire and offer it anew also…to the same higher consciousness – within yourself.

This practice will strengthen the picture and make it clearer as it nears the stage where it will take form.

Wash out all your doubts…they can so discourage the subconscious that the daily rite will be interrupted and your fruit will wither on the vine”.

Hope you enjoyed the above read,

Consider trying this affirmation “moment”:

I don’t know about yourself for a image but I hold the following image in my mind:

“I am floating/swimming in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands waters looking at the white sandy beach and the palm trees swaying……”

I focus my desire on “Love”:

You then inhale a full long breath through your nose, and then you exhale the breath, full, and relaxed with a big “aahh sigh” sound while you are exhaling thru your mouth.

Have a beautiful day,

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